7 People Who Need a Wifi Doorbell Camera – Are You One of Them?

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You don’t need a smart home to benefit from modern technology. One simple home device like a wifi doorbell camera can make life so much easier. And certain people can benefit more than others. Here are the 7 people who need a video doorbell and why…

This popular Smart Doorbell lets you see, hear and speak to visitors on your smart phone. It includes infrared night vision and motion detection. You can use the rechargeable battery pack or connect to existing doorbell wires.

If you already have a few smart home products, you’ll probably jump at the idea of getting this type of doorbell. But for many people they don’t even know they exist.

Getting a surveillance camera at your front door used to be a big deal. You needed to find a place to install it, you needed wiring, you needed it to be weatherproof and if it didn’t have infrared night vision then you needed a night light too.

These days it’s easy to get surveillance at your front door or even your back door.

What are the advantages of a wifi doorbell camera?

By combining a high definition camera with a doorbell and making it wireless, you can get everything you need in one small smart doorbell device.

This type of doorbell can send the images to your smart phone so you view it through an app. You don’t need a separate screen – although, if you want to view through another device like Alexa, that’s possible too.

Not only do you get to see the images on your smart phone from anywhere but you can let other family members see the camera images too. This keeps everyone safe. Everyone in the family can be aware of what’s happening at home, especially if there’s a problem.

So, who are the main contenders when it comes to a wifi doorbell camera? Let’s take a look.

1. Renters

Are you renting at a property? If you’re a renter, it can be hard to get home devices installed. By getting a wireless, battery operated, smart doorbell with a camera you can place it at your front door. There’s no need to miss out on the advantages of this technology just because you’re renting.

A lot of rental properties already have a doorbell installed. This gives you the added option of using the existing wiring to install your smart doorbell. And then you don’t need to use the battery feature. When you move out you could simply replace the original doorbell and take your smart wifi doorbell camera with you to the next property.

Of course, you should probably check with your landlord that this is okay, but since you’re not altering anything that can’t be returned to normal I’m guessing you should get the nod on this.

2. People with Children or an Elderly Relative at Home

Obviously, you’re not going to leave young kids at home on their own. But once your children are old enough to look after themselves (but they’re still living at home) then you’ll want one of these smart doorbells installed for peace of mind.

By seeing an image of who is at the door before you go anywhere near it, you can keep everyone safe in your home. Older children in the family can check the doorbell on their smart phones. Alternatively, you can “answer” the doorbell from your phone while you’re at work. This lets you keep an eye on security even when you’re out.

If you have an elderly relative living with you it can often be difficult for them to get to the door. This smart doorbell lets them see and speak with the person at the door before they go to it.

And if you’re out and you leave someone asleep at home, you can answer the doorbell on your smart phone and speak to them without your loved one being woken up.

This type of doorbell camera also makes a great gift for seniors living on their own who may be vulnerable. If you install it for one of your parents and give yourself access through the app on your phone, you can always be aware of who is at their front door.

3. Online Shoppers

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If you love shopping online (and who doesn’t?) this type of smart doorbell comes in handy. When a parcel is delivered to your front door and you’re at work, you can “answer” the doorbell and speak with the delivery driver.

Not only can you give directions about where you want the parcel left but you can also make the decision to get home sooner to secure your delivery.

And if there’s any sort of mistake about the delivery, you can speak with the delivery person straight away while they’re there, even though you’re not be there.

Even if you are home when a delivery arrives, it’s also good to know you have extra security to find out who is at the door before opening it. If you’re like me and you like to shop online every week then you’ll be used to receiving lots of deliveries. With different people entering your property it’s good to know you have the extra security.

4. Homeowners Who Don’t Want to Spend on a Security System

wifi doorbell camera extremeLet’s face it, not everyone wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a full security system. And not everyone can afford to do so.

Wouldn’t it be great to increase security without having to buy and install a full security system?

One smart wifi doorbell camera can provide you with a lot of features.

Having a camera gives you peace of mind that you know what is happening around your house.

Thieves often check out the house before they come back and break in.

If a criminal has turned up at your house on the excuse that they’re looking for someone or they’ve got the wrong address, you can usually get a good picture of them on your doorbell camera.

If they do come back and break in to your home, you’ve got video footage to give to the police just like you’d have from a security system. A smart doorbell is a good investment if you want the added security without a huge price tag.

5. Workers Who Are Out All Day

If you work full-time there may be a lot going on at your home that you don’t know about. If you get a video doorbell that also has a motion sensor detector, you capture the person on video even if they don’t press the doorbell. And did you know that for just a few dollars per month (yes, for the cost of a cup of coffee) you can get cloud storage for your doorbell video.

This means it is recorded and can be viewed at any time. Of course, you can also get access to the live images throughout the day. But, if you miss someone when they called at your door and you think they may be suspicious, you can view the video footage at a time that suits you.

And since it is saved you can provide this video to the police, should you need to.

If you’re out all day, people may get to know your house is empty and vulnerable. By “answering” the doorbell at home, while you’re at work, you can give the impression someone is at home. This is also a boost to your home security.

6. Anyone Who Wants to Keep Security Simple

With so many options it can be difficult to decide on which surveillance cameras, how many to buy, how to connect them and how to record the data.

Instead of considering all the complicated options, you can get one smart doorbell and keep it simple. With only one device to install, it can be done quickly and easily. You can get cloud backup to store your doorbell videos so you don’t even need to work out how to get them to save on your home computer.

The app is on your smart phone which you always have on you. There’s no need for anything extra. Since you’re used to looking at your phone during the day you’ll be ready to receive doorbells notifications when they come through. This is so easy since you can use it whether you’re at home or out and about.

You can get a wifi doorbell camera with infrared night vision so you don’t even need a light installed at your front door. You can also choose a smart doorbell with motion sensor detection so you know who’s at your door even before they ring the bell. With all the features you need in one wifi doorbell camera, you can keep security at your home simple.

7. People with Mobility Impairments

If mobility is an issue, for whatever reason, you can benefit from a wifi doorbell camera. When I twisted my ankle and damaged the ligaments in my foot it was immediately difficult for me to get around the house. It was more difficult when I was at home alone. I could have benefited from a smart doorbell when it happened.

Perhaps you can get to your front door, but you it takes you some time to get there. By “answering” the doorbell and speaking to the person on your smart phone before you get there, this takes the pressure off you to rush. If you feel anxious about getting to the door quickly, you could be risking a fall. This alone, is a good reason to use a smart doorbell.

And if you don’t get to answer the door at all, at least you can view the video later to see who was there.

There are so many advantages to getting a wifi doorbell camera. If you haven’t got one yet, buy one today. They really do add convenience and extra security to your life. And if you know someone who could benefit from a smart doorbell, they also make a great gift for family or friends.


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  1. I think that it would be awesome to get a doorbell camera that has a motion sensor detector as well. I work all day and would love to try this out so my home can stay safe. I will have to look more into the home doorbell cameras and see which would benefit my home best.


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