6 Unique Ways to Use Garland in Your Holiday Décor

Have you discovered the secret to beautiful holiday décor?  Yes, it’s garland. If you know the best ways to use garland when decorating your home then your halfway there. Garland is not a recent creation. But the garland available today is modern and convenient compared to that of yesteryear. 

Many years ago the first inhabitants to arrive in America brought with them the tradition of making garland to use in decorating their homes as well as making garland to sell. The materials to make up the garland were furnished by nature.

Evergreen branches, leaves and berries were woven together to form lovely decorations for the home. Later, with the introduction of artificial materials, garlands were easier to make and would last for years instead of just one season.

Like the settlers, you can decorate with garland and give your home some holiday cheer that’s sure to bring a glow of satisfaction when you see it. Garland no longer comes in only silver or gold.

Now, you can find garland in natural green, multi-colors, blue, red and a host of many other colors. Whatever your Christmas theme is, there’s sure to be a garland color that will complement it.

If you prefer to decorate your house with softer colors, you can also find garland in pale mauve and other pastel hues. Thanks to the artificial garland, you can use it outside your home too without fear of inclement weather since it can hold up in those rare rainy December days or nights.

1. Fireplace Decoration

Ways to use garland fireplace

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Inside your home, you can use the natural green garland on top of your fireplace. Lay it across the mantle stretched from end to end. You can cut pieces of garland to make it appear fuller.

Remember you can drape it down the sides of your fireplace. Alternatively, sweep it across the wall above in a draped shape and let it hang down the sides so it frames the fireplace but is not too close to it.

2. Curtain Rod Decoration

Garland can also be used on top of curtain rods in any room to bring in a touch of Christmas. Whether your garland contains flowers or berries, just make sure it complements the décor in your room.

You can even intertwine two garlands that complement each other to make a thicker and fuller decoration for you curtain rods.

3. Dining Table Decoration

Ways to use garland table

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Get the garland that has a thin wire in it so you can bend it and shape it. Tuck red holly berries among the garland and wrap pieces of it around the bottoms of Christmas candles.

You can often cut the garland to be able to place a separate piece around each candle on your table. This makes a very pretty table centerpiece.

To highlight your centerpiece you can add a circular mirror underneath the candles. And if you have a white and gold or white and silver color theme you may want to consider adding faux diamonds scattered around the display. People often use these for wedding centerpieces but they’re equally perfect for a Christmas table, especially if you’re going with a white or snow-like look. They will glisten in the light.

4. Stair Banister Decorations

Ways to use garland

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If you live in a house or apartment with an upstairs living area, you can twine garland through the spirals of the stairs along the banisters. Intersperse the garland with lights for added punch.

Some garland are sold with lights included. The best ways to use garland on stairs is to get the ones with the lights incorporated. Of course, these garland cannot be cut to different lengths. However, they are very useful at Christmas when you have lots of decorating to do in a short time. Garland with lights incorporated really are time-savers.

5. Ways to Use Garland on a Christmas Tree

You can also use garland on your Christmas tree if you have an artificial tree and the limbs show the middle rod of the tree. You can wrap the natural green garland around the rod of the tree and it gives the tree a fuller appearance.

The different colors of garland can be looped around your Christmas tree to give it that dazzling effect.

And if you need to hide the bottom stand of your tree, consider a natural-looking or green garland with berries around the base.

6. Using Garland Outside

If you’d like to find ways to use garland outside your house, the garland can be wrapped around the columns of your porch or across the porch railing.

You can find real or artificial potted Christmas trees. Decorate one with ornaments and light, finish it off with garland and set it by your front door for a touch of Christmas for all your guests to see as they arrive.

Whether you use garland inside or outside, natural-colored or multi-colored, you’ll achieve a Christmas look quickly and effortlessly. It really is the secret to successful decorating these holidays.

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