Unusual Gifts for Men for Christmas or Birthday

I’m always on the lookout for unusual gifts for men in my family. If you’re looking for a unique birthday gift for your Dad or a cool Christmas gift for one of your brothers it can be difficult to find a gift with that wow factor. And if you’re buying for your husband or boyfriend it can be just as tricky if they already have a zillion things.

Here are the best gifts for men whether you’re looking for a gadget, a cool gift or something unique. See it all here (and this article keeps getting updated so feel free to come back again and again).

Once you start looking through these gift ideas for men, you’ll notice that they tend to be grouped with similar items. If that group of ideas doesn’t suit your purpose, keep scrolling down to find the ideal gift.

WILIT U2 LED Desk Lamp with 3-Grade Touch Control

This cool desk lamp comes with all the features you want. It includes an alarm clock, time, calendar, temperature display and it’s dimmable.

The light on this LED lamp is dimmable and the display screen is also dimmable so it doesn’t disturb you at night. This lamp offers everything you want. If you’re looking at unusual gifts for men, this lamp offers a lot.

At first when I saw this lamp it included the word “coffee” and I was thinking “No Way, This Thing Makes Coffee Too?”. Let me save you any disappointment by letting you know, it does NOT make coffee. But it does come in a coffee color!

To see more details on this Lamp that Doesn’t Make Coffee, Click Here.

Calvin Glass Dome LED Table Lamp

This Calvin Glass Dome LED Lamp is another cool gift for guys who like a stylish lamp with extra features. It comes with a USB Charging Port built-in to the base of the lamp. The bronze finish and style of the lamp gives it an on trend industrial appearance. It suits an office, living room or bedroom.

When I’m looking for unusual gifts for men, I like to find interesting items that have something extra, like the USB charging port included on this lamp. That’s what makes these gifts extra special. They’re unusual in style, include modern features and look good.

In addition, this is the type of gift that has the advantage of transcending age. Older and younger men will both appreciate this LED Lamp as a Christmas or birthday present.

Modern LED Gloriole Desk Lamp with Unique Shade

This unique LED lamp from Gloriole adds a touch of style to any room. This high quality lamp is made of wood, glass and metal. It is a small size lamp perfect for a bedroom. This unique shape lets the light shine from the surrounding circle design.

For more details on this Gloriole Lamp, click here.

DemerBox (Almost) Indestructible Bluetooth Speaker

You want one of these speakers! It’s waterproof (to see it floating around in the pool click here), it’s rugged for camping and it offers high quality sound. Most importantly, you’ll find this speaker lasts for an incredible 50 hours between charges. You get a 100ft Bluetooth range. It offers deep bass and a good range volume.

AND you can use it to charge your USB devices when your out in the wild.

This portable speaker is NOT cheap. You have to spend quite a lot to get a device of this quality. But if you’re in the market to buy a high quality present for a man in your life, this is a seriously impressive gift. Another advantage is that you can get it in orange or blue colors. If you’re looking for unusual gifts for men, this is a great present.

AOMAIS GO Bluetooth Speaker

If you love the idea of a waterproof indoor/outdoor Bluetooth speaker but you’re looking for a more affordable price, this is the speaker for you. This waterproof speaker can withstand full immersion.

This AOMAIS Bluetooth Speaker offers 30W of wireless stereo speaker with a booming bass and 30 hour playtime. Additionally, you can also use this speaker as a 8800mAh power bank to charge your USB devices when you’re out and about enjoying your music.

This is perfect to take camping or simply use at home or outdoors when you need a more robust speaker.

You can choose from black, blue or red (see pictures of the colors here) in this speaker to give a perfect gift for a guy who likes his music.

Professional Soda Siphon and Seltzer Water Maker

Unusual Gifts for Men Soda

This professional soda siphon has a capacity of 1 Pint/1Liter. This carbonator is easy and fun to use. The soda siphon is made from aluminum and the sleek design looks perfect sitting on a home bar. You’re getting a high quality product with no drips occurring during or after use (beware of cheaper products).

The CO2 charger is not included with this carbonator but it’s easy to buy a 10-pack of chargers to go with your gift.

Also, this soda siphon is dishwasher safe.

In addition to the siphon you get an illustrated cocktail recipe book for drink ideas. If you’re looking for unusual gifts for men who have a bar at home or like to mix their own drinks, then this carbonating soda siphon is perfect.

Mixology Bartender Kit in Bamboo Stand

This 10 piece Mixology Bartender Kit comes in a stylish bamboo stand. If you’re buying a gift for someone who loves their drinks, this is perfect.

The items are made from high quality stainless steel and they’re dishwasher proof. The cocktail shaker is full size. The bamboo stand is a good weight and sturdy for holding all the pieces. The stand makes you look organized and it saves on drawer space if you don’t have lots of drawers available in your home bar or kitchen.

The height of the tallest piece is 10-5/8 inches. This is good to know if you’re going to place it on a shelf.

This is the sort of set that looks great sitting on your bar or in your kitchen. Additionally, it will become a conversation piece with friends. The bamboo stand is perfect for keeping your set safe and scratch free because each item has its own place.

Mixology Bartender Kit in Stainless Steel Stand

If you prefer the all-stainless steel option take a look here…

You’ll notice this is the same 10-piece high quality stainless steel Mixology Set with a Stainless Steel Stand (and it’s cheaper than the previous set!). Similarly, you’ll love how it looks on a bar or counter and you get to store all the pieces on display.

Wireless Weather Station

This AcuRite Wireless Weather Station with 5-in-1 Weather Sensor includes temperature and humidity gauge, rainfall, wind speed and wind direction. There’s rainfall tracking for day, week, month, year or all time.

You get Weather Ticker which streams real-time data including moon phase, indoor comfort level and “feels like” temperature.

The weather station is electric powered with an optional battery backup.

The self-calibrating forecasting gives you the most accurate forecast available for your exact location.

6-Foot Bean Bag Chair

If you’re buying a gift for someone who likes to be comfortable, try getting this Bean Bag which is 6 feet long. It is recommended that you have floor space of 6.5′ x 4.5′ to place it. If you’re thinking about unusual gifts for men, consider one of these really large bean bags as something different.

You get an extra large bean bag and it’s foam filled and changes shape to conform to the owners weight and sitting position.

This is a high quality bean bag made in the USA.

If you want a particular color, see all 15 colors available here. This is one of the most comfortable gifts you could give.

Zero Gravity Patio Lounge Chair

Here’s another comfortable option for gift giving…

If you’re buying a gift for a man in your life who likes to sit on the deck or go camping, this Zero Gravity Patio Lounge Chair is perfect. You can use it at home. Or take it with you camping.

This chair the XL size. You get the chair with padding for extra comfort and includes the removable headrest. It will support a maximum of 350 lbs. You even get a cup holder.

If you’re looking at unusual gifts for men and you’re not sure what to get, think about a chair with amazing comfort and versatility. The fully reclined length of this chair is 72 inches.


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