37 Creative Uses for Smart Plugs (Impress Your Friends With These Smart Home Ideas)

Smart Plug Uses for Your Home and Garage to Make Life Easier

Creative smart plug uses will add convenience and safety to your home. If you’re not already using wi-fi plugs you should consider them straight away because they’re one of the easiest devices to install and use.

They’re also relatively inexpensive. You can buy as many or as few of them as you want to start with. As you find more ways to use these plugs around the house, you can buy more of them and enjoy adding them to other rooms in your house. If you’ve ever left the house and wondered whether you’ve left the curling iron on in the bathroom or the television on in the living room, you’ll benefit from using a smart plug.

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Wemo Mini Smart Plug

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The average person spends 15 minutes a day turning various appliances and lights on, then turning them off. If you do this every day, it equals 5,475 minutes a year. That’s a lot of wasted time.

Then if you add the time that you spend double checking to make sure you turned everything off, the number is even greater. Most people double check because they know that appliances and lights left on can raise the electric bill – and that wastes money on top of wasting time.

What you could do is set reminders on your phone. And as long as you get the alarm, and are home where you can take care of it, that’s great. You can also leave yourself a note to shut everything off. This is all a big effort.

Smart Plug Uses for Safety

When you forget about a light, you’re out a little bit of money. But if you forget to shut off a curling iron or the iron for your clothes, then it’s more than just wasting time. You run the risk of starting a fire.

So you could leave reminders for yourself just to be safe. Or, you could get a smart plug that can turn off appliances and lights even when you’re not home. The Wemo Mini Smart Plug is a great little device that puts you in control regardless of whether or not you’re home.

Easy to Use

There are no subscriptions to join, no fees and it’s easy to install. All you have to do is get the app. Then you can control the lights or appliances with a single touch. You can do this right from your smart phone.

Or, you can use voice assistance. The device is compatible with Alexa, Apple Home Kit or Google Assistant. It’s a small device, so it seamlessly fits in wherever you plug it in. Because it’s small, you have the option to use two of them at the same time in one outlet.

You will need to make sure that you have Wi-Fi at home or wherever you use the plug.

Smart Plug Uses at Night

One of the features the device has is it allows you to automatically schedule whatever you want.

This means that when you get home after dark, you don’t have to walk inside to complete darkness. The device will turn the lights on before you arrive. If you don’t like walking into a warm house, you can have the plug turn on a fan.

You can also set it to turn on lamps whenever you want or you can allow them to follow the natural day by turning on when the sun rises or sets. Another feature it offers is the ability to turn the lights on at random times to confuse potential burglars.

Using the Away Mode, the plug will switch the lights on periodically so no one can tell that you’re not there.

Getting this device can free you from the worry of accidentally leaving the house with a device left on that you meant to turn off. It can also save you money as well as energy and time.

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Amazon Smart Plug

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Life can be hectic and busy. You can rush out the door and forget to shut something off. When you realize it, you have to turn around and head home to correct that, which puts you behind schedule.

Or you decide to take a chance and not turn around, but then it’s at the back of your mind all day nagging at you. You could make sure that all your appliances have auto shut off features.

But some of these will only shut off after an hour or two of non-use. A lot can happen in that amount of time. So you run the risk as well as the energy drain because even if it’s just plugged in and not on, an appliance still uses your electricity.

Want to avoid inconvenience?

Besides having appliances with auto shut off, you can ask a neighbor to go in and shut the gadget off. Or, you can get a smart plug that’s helpful for you. The Amazon Smart Plug can change the inconvenience as well as the energy drain.

Once you have it, you never have to worry about leaving something on and forgetting it again. You can just remotely check on your appliances and turn them off using your phone.

Not only is this a perfect solution for you, but if you have an older parent with dementia living with you, it’s a great way to turn off gadgets to help keep them safer. You won’t have to leave work or retrace your steps to double check.

Use Voice Control with Your Smart Plug Devices

The gadget allows you to have voice control with any outlet that you choose to use it in. It’s easy to set up and easy to install. There’s no software that you have to download and there’s no learning curve.

You just plug it in, sync it with Alexa and you’re all set to get started. You will need to have a device that works with Alexa – such as an Echo – but there are other devices that you can use.

Or, if you just want to stick with the Alexa app, you can do that too. You can schedule the times that you want your lights to come on or go off. You can also activate and shut off your fans.

Smart Plug Uses in Your Home All Year Round

If you want your coffee maker to start, you can do that remotely as well. The device can activate your humidifier and during the holidays, it can start or stop the lights on your decorations such as your Christmas tree.

The design of the plug is small, so it fits anywhere and the more plugs you have, the more outlets you can turn into helpers to change your life for the better.  The device allows you to create your own routines.

You can set it up so that you have a “start the day” routine. If you did that, you’d simply say something like, “Alexa, start my morning” and then whatever routine you’d set for the plugs to do, it would automatically begin after instructed.

This product also has an Away Lighting feature, so lights can go on or off randomly so your home looks occupied. Using the Amazon Smart Plug not only gives you more time and can help make sure your appliances are off or on as you need, but it gives you peace of mind, too.

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Kasa Smart Mini WiFi Plug

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Every parent knows the hassle of trying to get kids or teenagers ready to leave the house. There are so many gadgets that vie for attention. There are game consoles, the television and more. It can be a chore to motivate anyone to get out the door when there’s something entertaining capturing their attention. So usually, a parent ends up rushing to get everyone ready so that they’re not late for work and it’s a time drain. Not to mention a mental hassle.

Then, if the young people in your house get home before you do, entertainment calls louder than doing their homework, picking up after themselves or helping out around the house.

You can put parental locks on the game consoles and unplug the television in order to keep everyone on track, so you get out of the house on time. But kids know how to get around that.

You could try lecturing your kids on the importance of being on time and stopping game play or watching TV when they need to do something, but everyone knows that really doesn’t go over well.

Or, you could get a Smart Plug.

Smart Plug Uses for Controlling Entertainment

The Kasa Smart Mini WiFi Plug allows you to be the one in control. You’ll be able to shut off entertainment and other electrical devices from wherever you are just using your phone. All you have to do is tap into the Kasa app and you’re all set.

You also have the ability to use the voice control feature. This feature can work with Google Assistant, Alexa and Microsoft Cortana. So all you have to do is just give instructions with something like “Alexa, turn off the television.”

The plug is designed small enough so that you can install two in one outlet with no hub required. The device gives you the ability to turn gadgets off or on whether you’re home or away. Plus, you can schedule times for various devices when you want them to come on or go off.

There is a switch on the side of the plug that will allow you to turn them off if you need to.

You can use the gadget to shut off the game console, the TV and you have the option to set a schedule for the entertainment devices.

What else can it do?

You can use the voice activation feature to turn a coffeepot on as soon as you get out of bed, then go take your shower or whatever you do for your morning routine. Also you can turn lights on or off in any room of the house even if you’re in a different room.

You can get into bed at night and instruct Alexa to have the devices turn off the lights.

If you’re ready to put a stop to trying to convince everyone to get out the door or to get off the electronic entertainment to get school work done, you can put convenience and control into your life with this Kasa Smart Mini Wifi Plug.

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Gosund Mini Smart Plug

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You get your electric bill and along with it, sticker shock. It seems that your energy usage just keeps going up and along with that, the amount you have to pay every month.

It’s even rougher during the bitter cold or the hot months. You want to be comfortable, but you don’t want to fork over what feels like your life savings to the electric company.

Of course, you can try to run around and unplug everything that siphons off power and you can start to limit the amount of time that you spend using devices that use power.

You can set your thermostat lower or higher, so you tough it out when it’s cold or hot. But you don’t really want to be miserable in your house.

Or you could get a smart plug to help save energy, and in turn save you money.

A smart plug does that so well. The Gosund Mini Smart Plug allows you to stop running around your house unplugging everything when you’re not going to be home and then plugging it back in when you are home.

This plug is designed to work with voice assistance, so you can use it with Alexa, Google Assistant and more. You won’t need a hub to do this, either. You can control it with a touch from your smart phone as well.

Even if you’re not at home, you’ll be able to turn your devices on or off. This way, they’re not using energy when you’re not there. You can even turn them on or off when you’re out of the state or out of the country.

The app allows users to control as many as 50 different devices. However, you will need to get a plug for however many devices you want to control. But when you buy this device, you can receive four of them at a time in one package.

You can create a schedule so that your devices go on or off for whatever time you’ve set. This prevents energy drain when they’re not needed or when you’re not home.

Before you head home, you can just go into the app to turn on whatever lights or devices you want on.

The plugs can also work to turn on things like garden lights so you can have a lighted walk as you head up the driveway to your front door. The set up for the plug is simple. You place it in the outlet, get the app on your phone and follow the user instructions to get started saving money on your electric costs. You deserve to be comfortable in your home – even when you want to save money. That’s what the Gosund can do for your life.

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Etekcity Smart Plug

Smart Plug Uses with the Etekcity mini outlet

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When you get your electric bill, you’ve noticed that it shows your home is using a lot of power. The bill can usually give you an overview of which months were your biggest energy usage, which means the months that you paid more for electricity.

But what the bill can’t tell you is exactly which appliance is putting the squeeze on your wallet. You can try to figure that out by buying a device that’s designed to measure each appliance and device in your home.

Of course, you would have to manually check each item individually. You could also use an Ammeter, which checks the circuit. Or, you can get a smart plug that not only shows how much power is being used by your individual devices, but will also save you money once you know that information. There are many extra smart plug uses when it does energy monitoring as well.

The Etekcity Smart Plug is a great way to save energy and lower your monthly electric bill. You can use it to shut off your devices no matter where you are. It’s simple to do using an app that you download with your phone.

It’s voice enabled so it can work with Google Home, Alexa and more and you don’t need a hub for that feature. You will need Wi-Fi, though. If you’re leaving a room and your hands are full, you just tell Alexa to turn off the lights.

Or you can tell Alexa to turn the TV on for you. The device lets you determine when you want your devices to begin and end. You can set a schedule that powers on your fans or lights.

The same app can then follow your schedule to shut them off. If you want the lights to come on when it’s morning, you just put that in the schedule and the timer takes care of it.

If you want the lights to come on so you’re not walking into a dark home, the device will turn whatever lights on that you want. What sets this plug apart is that it has an energy monitoring feature.

This mode will automatically shut off the device it’s monitoring when it reaches the maximum cost that you’ve set. This allows you to control how much the usage of that device is going to cost you and this lowers your electric bill.

The plug has what’s called “Abnormal Power Protection” so if you get a surge that’s over your preset amount, the plug shuts off. If the power ever goes out, when it comes back on, the device automatically reconnects. If you’re ready to stop sending so much money every month to the electric company, get the plug that can stop high energy usage and save you money.

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37 Smart Plug Uses

  1. Turn lamps on/off
  2. Automate the night light for your child’s bedroom
  3. Turn off curling iron from your phone
  4. Turn off iron from your phone
  5. Set a time in the morning for the coffee maker
  6. Schedule a sunrise colored lamp
  7. Set a start time for the kettle
  8. Schedule lights for when you’re out for security
  9. Check and turn off appliances from your phone when you forget
  10. Turn off appliances for a family member with dementia
  11. Automatically turn on the humidifier before you get home
  12. Turn on the heater before you get home
  13. Automate your Christmas lights
  14. Automate your Halloween lights and sounds
  15. Set up a “start of day” routine for multiple devices
  16. Turn off game consoles using your phone
  17. Switch off the television to get kids out of the house
  18. Turn off devices to get kids to do their homework
  19. Use your smart plug with voice control to turn off devices
  20. Set a schedule for entertainment devices for the family
  21. Once in bed use voice control to turn off lamps and television
  22. On the way to work, turn off devices at home to save electricity
  23. Turn garden lights on or off at scheduled times
  24. Use a smart plug that shows individual devices energy usage
  25. Use voice control paired with a smart plug to turn off lights when your hands are full
  26. Turn your wi-fi camera on when you want to check your pets
  27. Use your phone to switch on the fan for your pets while you’re at work
  28. Turn on the light for your pets while you’re at work
  29. Switch on the television for your dog while you’re at work
  30. Turn off a microwave that beeps too long
  31. Control your battery charging stations in the garage
  32. Turn on your slow cooker when you’re out
  33. Automate your washing machine to turn on the next morning
  34. Set your electric blanket to turn off during the night
  35. Set your fan to turn off during the night
  36. Turn your electric toothbrush charging station on/off
  37. Stop your mobile phone charging for too long

Get started today with wi-fi smart plugs in your home and you’ll love the convenience. There are so many smart plug uses. Once you start thinking about how you use your appliances you’ll discover more ideas for smart plugs. And if you’re struggling to find a gift for a family member who seems to have everything, why not give them some smart plugs. Explain smart plug uses to them and help them set them up and they’ll think it’s the best gift they’ve every received.

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