Smart Ceiling Fan – Get WiFi Technology without Buying New Fans

Smart Ceiling Fan

Don’t pay $600 per ceiling fan to get smart technology into your home. You can make each fan in your home a smart ceiling fan with one device for less than $100. Yes! It’s very affordable and very convenient. See more about this amazing device and whether it’s suitable for your home here…

Smart Ceiling Fan BOND
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BOND Smart Ceiling Fan Wifi Controller
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The BOND is a new device that simplifies your life. Instead of installing new ceiling fans you can connect them to the BOND and control them on your smart device. If you want voice control, the BOND is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Alternatively, you can simply use the BOND app and control your fans on your touchscreen.

What can the BOND do?

By controlling your ceiling fans using BOND, you can activate the fan, control the fan speeds, turn on the light, and dim a dimmable light from the BOND app or via Alexa or Google Assistant.

You can control the fan or light settings from the couch or from another room or while you’re away from your house.

Personally, I love the way I can turn on or off the fans in the kids’ bedrooms without having to leave my own bed at night. If it is a hot summer night I can control my own fan and the fans in the other bedrooms. I can also turn off the kids’ bedroom lights remotely. This offers so much convenience.

If you want to turn on the light in another room you can do it with the app or voice command. I love using the voice command when my hands are full and it is difficult to reach the remote control for the light on the ceiling fan. If you have kids or pets, you’ll know how distracting life can be at home. By turning your existing fan into a smart ceiling fan, you get convenience and peace of mind.

And, more than anything else, the BOND is fun and easy to use. Your house really does feel like a smart home once you’re in control of your devices using wifi!

Tip: When setting up the BOND be sure to name each fan in the app. This will allow you to control each fan separately through the app or Alexa or Google Home.

✅  At the time of writing the BOND had an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars for almost 500 reviews on Amazon. This is a very popular smart home device.

How do I install a BOND device?

There is nothing to install inside the ceiling fan itself. Therefore there is no installation required. All you need to do is let the BOND smart ceiling fan device record your remote control signal by pointing it at it during the setup process. This is very simple.

Do I need a remote control ceiling fan to use BOND?

Yes. For the BOND to connect your ceiling fan to the app it requires the fan to be operated by a remote control. If your fans are not remote control the BOND will not work with them. But there is a solution to that…

 ✅ Tip: If you would like to convert your ceiling fan to be remote control, BOND recommend this Ceiling Fan and Light Remote Control Kit because it works well with the BOND device. The kit is very inexpensive. Click the link to see if the kit is compatible with your ceiling fan.

What type of remote controls work with the BOND?

You can use either an IR remote control or an RF remote to link your ceiling fan to the BOND device. Both types are compatible with BOND.

The BOND smart ceiling fan device is designed to work with any brand of remote ceiling fan. As long as you have the remote control you should be able to use the BOND device.

Does the BOND work on iOS or Android?

The BOND smart ceiling fan device works with both iOS and Android. There is an app for quick and easy set up on your smart device.

How many ceiling fans can the BOND control?

BOND Wifi Device

You can control up to 6 ceiling fans from the one BOND device in one central location. The BOND connects to your home wifi so you can control your ceiling fans remotely. Turn each of them into a smart ceiling fan.

The BOND can control the 6 fans within a range of 2,500 square feet. This coverage is calculated assuming standard dry wall materials.

The BOND can be used over multiple levels in the house but the range depends on the materials used in the home’s construction. You will probably be able to use it between downstairs and upstairs but the results do vary depending on the house.

Will the BOND dim the light on my ceiling fan?

Yes. If you have a dimmer light on your ceiling fan then BOND can be used to control the light and dim it using wifi.

Can I use the BOND from anywhere?

Yes. You can control your fans and lights remotely from anywhere you have an internet connection (either wifi or cellular data) and the BOND app on your smart device. You really do turn each fan into a smart ceiling fan. This means you can turn on the fan or light when you’re away from home. You can turn on the lights when you’re on vacation to deter burglars and make it look like you’re at home.

If you leave pets at home during the day while you’re at work, you may also find it convenient to turn on the ceiling fans from your smart phone at work. This can help keep your pets cool if the weather gets unexpectedly hot.

Interesting tip on how to use the BOND device…

The BOND device is capable of controlling much more than your ceiling fans. It is designed to control other home appliances that use a remote control. For example, you will be able to control electronic window awnings, air conditioners, garage doors and electronic fireplaces.

While the functionality is possible, BOND is still working on incorporating all these new remote controlled devices to by synced with the BOND wifi device. So, don’t count on using BOND for these purposes yet but keep watching out for new functionality in the future.

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