Simple Home Security System – Use Your Smartphone

We all have busy lives. When I started looking for extra security for my home I wanted to keep it easy. For a simple home security system look no further than your smartphone. There are so many security cameras that now offer a free app on your smartphone so there’s no excuse to not invest in home security. Keep yourself and your family safe by following these tips…

Many people think that you have to pay a lot of money to be able to keep an eye on your home. Some of them even do pay every single month to have their home monitored.

But there’s an easy and simple way that you can watch your home’s security yourself. All you need is a smartphone. There’s so much that you can handle when it comes to home security – and since you already have a smart phone – you won’t have to invest in a monitoring service.

Simple home security system wireless

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Save money to invest in security

By saving money on a monitoring service you’ll be able to buy extra cameras or motion sensor lights to increase your home’s security.

With a simple home security system you install yourself, you can use it at home or while you’re away to see what’s going on. Some systems that you can buy for your home work with your phone to enable you to see who’s standing at your front door before you even open it.

There are plenty of free apps that you can download once you have a home security system that can help keep your home safe. What features you get, the mounting hardware and the type of equipment will vary depending on what model and type of system that you purchase.

Compatibility of your simple home security system

You need one that lets you easily program the security and sync it with your phone. You’ll want to read before you buy to make sure that it’s compatible with your type of phone. If others in your household need to access the app make sure the system you buy will work on multiple smartphones.

Some of the systems that you can buy to work with your smartphone are ones that have cameras built right into the doorbell. They’re so small and so unobtrusive that anyone who comes to your door won’t even know that the camera is there.  

Not only can you get the app hooked up with a system like that to monitor while you’re home, but you can see it when you’re away, too. You can usually find a system like this for less than a few hundred dollars.

Pretend to be at home

It has the ability to let you see who’s outside and it will allow you to communicate as well. You’ll be able to speak as if you were really home and the person on the doorstep won’t know that you aren’t.

It’s a great theft deterrent. You can get a system to use with your smartphone that works with any camera – including ones that go outside your home. And the good news is that these systems have the ability to be programmed so that if something goes on, your phone will send you a notification to check it out.

There are systems that are plug and play setups that come with contact sensors as well as loud alarms to alert neighbors. But these features can vary based on which system you get.

Make sure the one you choose specifically states that you can control the system with your smartphone. Some of the home security systems have Cloud storage so that you can hold onto the security images in case you need them.

Once you decide on a home security system that integrates with your smartphone, you’ll want to do a quick test to make sure the system is compatible and does work well with your phone. Also be sure to check out reviews and feedback from real customers before you buy.

Not only for intruders

A simple home security system can be useful for so many different reasons. Perhaps you want to check on your pets while you’re at work. You can see you pets on your smartphone with the right setup. You can also monitor what time your teenager is coming in at night by setting up an alert to tell you on your smartphone.

With so many different reasons to get a simple home security system there’s no time to waste. You’ll feel safer being able to monitor your home and you might even get a laugh from seeing what your pets are up to while you’re at work.  

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