Schlage Smart Lock – Keyless Entry Door Deadbolts

Schlage Smart Lock

If you’ve started to research these locks you’ll realize there are different features on the locks themselves, different styles available, different colors and different compatibility with your home automation system. It’s important you choose the correct Schlage smart lock before deciding to buy. Not every lock will work on your front door. This is mostly due to compatibility issues. Save time and find the right deadbolt smart lock here for your home. You may be surprised at some of the features now available on these smart devices…

Schlage have a high quality reputation for making secure deadbolts. Schlage keyless entry locks are synonymous with quality. You may already have one of the Schlage locks on your front door. If you’re looking to upgrade to a Schlage smart lock, you’ll see there are lots of options. The features vary, as do the colors. Here, we cover the best choices.

One of the best aspects of choosing a Schlage keyless entry lock is that you no longer need to worry about:

  • losing keys,
  • hiding keys,
  • carrying keys or
  • forgetting keys

If you want to go for a run, you don’t need to carry keys with you. Also, if your kids need to get home on their own they don’t need a spare key. And if you want to let your housekeeper or dog walker into your home when you’re not there you can give them their own code to access the front door.

There are other brands of good smart locks and I will cover those in a separate article, but because so many people are familiar with Schlage locks and trust them I’m providing a comparison here. If you’re looking for high quality, great functionality and security you really can’t go wrong with a Schlage keyless deadbolt.

The only negative about Schlage locks is that it can take you hours of research to try and find the right one. There’s a lot of choice. You need one that suits your lifestyle and is compatible with your home automation system. At first glance it can look confusing and overwhelming. Here, we compare the best Schlage smart lock devices to save you time.

Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt,  BE469 CAM 619

The Schlage BE469 is Z-Wave compatible to connect to your home automation system. You can unlock or lock your door remotely using your smart phone and the internet. Please note, this smart lock device is not Bluetooth compatible.

This is a very popular Schlage smart lock. Furthermore, at the time of writing it had an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars for more than 2,000 reviews on Amazon. That’s a lot of happy customers.

To see the different colors available in the Camelot style Schlage deadbolt, take a look here.

The picture on the left is the bright chrome color but if you like a more subtle color, the satin nickel may be more suitable for your house.

Here are some of the features on the Schlage BE469:

⭐  works with Amazon Alexa via your home automation hub (does not support unlock by voice at this time)

⭐  Z-Wave compatible with SmartThings, Vera, Mi Casa Verde, Wink, Iris, Honeywell Lynx (limited functionality, check with Schlage – will probably work with L5000 Honeywell alarms but not the L7000 series), Nexia Home Intelligence.

⭐  lock or unlock your door remotely using a smart phone and the internet

⭐  includes a built-in audible alarm (choose between 3 modes – activity, tamper or forced entry)

⭐  fingerprint-resistant touchscreen protects against fingerprints as well as smudges to ensure wear patterns remain undetectable

⭐  anti-pick shield protects against lock tampering

⭐  universal latches slide easily into place and require no tools or manual adjustments

⭐  holds up to 30 user codes

⭐  ANSI Grade 1 highest residential security rating

The illuminated touchscreen on this Schlage smart lock lets you easily enter your home without a key. The lock does come with one key as a backup in case you need to use it in the lock without needing to use the smart features.

Additionally, you can set codes for certain people that are only valid on certain days of the week. Alternatively you can set up one time only codes that expire after they are used by that person. There’s lots of functionality with a smart lock.

The lock requires and comes with 4 AA batteries.

What are the 3 alarm modes?

This Schlage smart lock includes three alarm settings. You get to choose which one you want to operate.

What is the different between the Schlage BE469 Connect Camelot and the Schlage BE469 Connect Century?

These are two different styles of the same smart lock by Schlage. The colors are similar (there are several to choose from, see here) and the functions are the same. They are just different styles so you can choose the best one to suit the look of your home or your own personal preference.

Disadvantages of the Schlage BE469

You may see people complain about the battery usage on this lock. While this is a genuine concern, there is a way to ensure you don’t use too many batteries.

When you install the lock you need to follow the advice in the instruction manual. Essentially, there are two modes of motorized operation for the lock and the mode (either low energy or high energy) is set when you install it.

To ensure your Schlage smart lock is set to low energy usage you need to check a few things from the start. When installing, you need to ensure the hole is aligned correctly for the deadbolt. The hole needs to be an adequate size and there needs to be room for expansion in hot weather. If any of these elements are not correct then the smart deadbolt will opt for high energy as the mode to be used every time the motorized lock operates.

How do I know if my lock is using low energy mode or high energy mode?

When you first set up the lock the motorized operation will attempt to operate on low energy mode first. It will make the sound “grrrr, then pause, then grrrr again”. That will indicate the first attempt on low energy.

It will attempt to use low energy for the first three attempts at opening or closing the lock. If it can’t move the deadbolt using the low energy mode on those three attempts then it will default to high energy mode. Once the lock does that it will always use high energy mode to operate the lock and this will mean you go through more batteries.

Consequently, it really is worth double checking your installation from the beginning to get it right. You’ll save a lot of money on batteries by following the instruction manual.

Schlage Z-Wave Connect Century Touchscreen Deadbolt, BE468-2k

This Schlage BE468 is the latest model in the BE460 series. It includes two matching backup keys. The BE468 Century comes in different colors including satin chrome, aged bronze, satin nickel and bright chrome (click one of the images below to see more details).

There is also a Schlage BE468 in the Camelot design that includes similar colors as the Century design as well as a bright brass color (for more details click one of the images below).

The Schlage BE468 includes an LED backlight feature to light up the keypad. This model is very similar to the BE469 but it does not include a built-in alarm. Also, it includes the same ANSI Grade 1 security standard for added security on your home. The BE468 also includes the touch pad in a matt finish which is a smudge and fingerprint resistant surface to ensure wear marks do not indicate the code.

Do I have to use Z-Wave with this lock for it to work?

The lock can be controlled using one of the two backup keys or by the touch pad or using your smart phone or computer by way of Z-Wave technology. You’ll need a Z-Wave hub as part of your home automation system to use this function. Although, you should know that this smart deadbolt (just like the BE469 also) can be unlocked by the touch pad without having the lock connected by Z-Wave to the internet. If you don’t have a home automation system yet, you can still install this Schlage smart lock and use it with the keypad or key. When you get a Z-Wave hub you can use its smart features as well.

There’s also an anti-pick shield to protect against lock tampering. The motorized bolt on this smart lock automatically locks or unlocks when you enter the user code.

The Schlage smart lock BE468 is compatible with many home automation systems using Z-Wave including:

  • Nexia
  • SmartThings
  • Wink
  • Iris
  • Staples Connect
  • 2gig
  • Vivint
  • Zipato
  • Vera
  • DSC
  • GE/Interlogix
  • Qolsys
  • ELK
  • Honeywell
  • Leviton

Compare smart locks: Schlage BE469 vs Schlage BE468

It’s not obvious, but the Schlage BE469 is actually an earlier model than the Schlage BE468. The two models are similar but there are differences that could make a big difference to which one you buy:

🌟  Appearance and mechanism: housing and deadbolts are the same in each model

🌟  The Schlage BE469 includes an audible alarm that the BE468 does not have

🌟  Both models have the ANSI Grade 1 security rating

🌟  On the BE469 the numbers cannot be seen until you push the Schlage button on the keypad whereas the BE468 has white reflective numbers on the keypad that are always visible

🌟  The LED backlight on the BE469 is a blue color whereas the LED backlight on the BE468 is white

🌟  Both models have the anti-pick shield to protect against lock tampering

🌟  Both the BE469 and BE468 are Z-Wave compatible to use with a home automation system


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  1. You said that the BE469 is an earlier release than the BE468? Where did you get this information from?


    1. Hi Christain, thanks for stopping by. One of the sellers of these products (called Smart Home Direct) confirmed the counter-intuitive naming convention. I hope this helps.


    1. Hi Sandy, thanks for stopping by. Yes, they both work with Smartthings. The Schlage lock is an enabled Z-Wave product and Smartthings can connect with Z-Wave.


  2. i have the echo plus with the built-in smart home hub. Does the BE468 with Z wave work with this or do i need something else to have it work?


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