Raised Toilet Seat Reviews (to Make Your Life Easy Again)

Raised Toilet Seat reviews to help you find one for your injury or condition

A couple of months ago I suffered from extreme pain in my knees. I was unable to bend my knees and take my weight on them. I suddenly appreciated the benefits of a raised toilet seat. My mother had used one after her hip replacement surgery and luckily this is why I knew how good they are. We’re going to look at the best models for different toilets and different needs. Take a look here…

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When my son came down with Slapped Cheek Disease I just laughed at the name of it. It’s also called Fifth Disease. In elementary school aged kids they just get mild symptoms such as the pink cheeks and a low level fever. It didn’t trouble him at all.

But then I caught it from him a week or so later. And that was a different story. As an adult I got much worse symptoms. I had the pink cheeks but I also had a red raised rash on many parts of my body which was itchy and troublesome. After the rash went I thought I’d be okay. But then I got the arthritic-like pain in my joints.

Why I needed an elevated toilet seat…

My wrists and knees were the worst with it. But it also effected my shoulders and fingers. And it lasted for several weeks. I knew it could last for several months in adults so I was quite concerned. It was extremely difficult to negotiate steps and I have plenty of stairs to get into my house. At times I could barely walk and I certainly couldn’t drive. And…I couldn’t lower myself to use the toilet (yes, too much detail, I know – but it’s a real problem, and a problem that many people face on a daily basis). The joint pain from Slapped Cheek Disease is apparently very similar to arthritis. I now have a much better understanding of how people with arthritis must be feeling a lot of the time.

If you’re suffering from a condition, an injury or you’re elderly and your joints are weak and sore, it’s worth using any product that is readily available that can give you relief. If you think you could benefit from a raised toilet seat, I urge you to go ahead and buy one. It will make such a huge difference to your everyday existence.

When I couldn’t bend my knees to 90 degrees, and my knees wouldn’t take my weight when bent at all, it was such a relief to have a raised toilet seat. It offers you a solution that’s needed several times a day. You really can’t live very well without it in your own home when you’re in pain.

Which raised toilet seat is the best?

Thankfully there are numerous different types of raised toilet seat available. Most of them can be purchased online and delivered. This is important because if you’re suffering from inflammation in your joints or you’re in pain leading up to a hip replacement surgery, you really shouldn’t be going to the store.

There are raised toilet seats with arms, ones with full frames, portable seats to take with you and there are raised toilet seats specifically designed for elongated toilet designs.

You really can find the right model to suit your needs.

I was reading one of the reviews on Amazon where a lady had just had hip replacement surgery and she suddenly had to travel for family reasons. She simply couldn’t lower herself to use a toilet.

So she bought one of the portable raised toilet seats. She used it everywhere she went and she carried it in a plain black bag with her.

This is such a great idea. Of course, most people would be recovering at home quietly after surgery, but if you really have to travel then this is the way to do it.

Even if you are going to another house to see family or friends in those first few weeks after surgery, you could use this idea of taking a portable raised toilet seat with you in a black tote bag. At least this way you’re not restricted where you can go.

Let’s take a look at some of the different categories of different raised toilet seats available. I’ll review the best in each category…

1. Best Raised Toilet Seat with Arms – 4 Inch Height

The Vaunn Medical Elevated Raised Toilet Seat comes with arms attached to the seat. It’s a 4-inch raised toilet seat.

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There’s a locking mechanism on the front which is easy to install. It’s also easy to remove for cleaning if you need to.

The arms on the seat are removable and padded for comfort. This raised seat should fit both standard and elongated toilets.

Does this fit a full 2-inch rim toilet?

One of the main advantages of this raised toilet seat with arms is that it will fit on a toilet with a 2-inch rim. Some seats will not fit if the rim is greater than 1.5 inches. This is because the back of the raised toilet seat needs to fit under the rim to sit securely when the locking mechanism at the front is tightened.

Advantage of a raised toilet seat with arms

If your toilet is close to the wall or vanity in your bathroom, it’s going to be difficult to fit a full frame support next to the toilet.

The advantage of getting a seat with arms is that it doesn’t take up as much space and yet it gives you assistance to get up and down.

Personally, I would get the highest raised seat you can comfortably use. The higher it is, the less need for the arms. However, if you’re elderly or have continued weakness in your legs, the arms would really help. They give you the extra stability to stay safe.

Do I need to remove the current toilet seat and lid?

No, for this model you don’t need to remove them. You can simply sit them up vertically and fit the raised toilet seat with arms to the toilet bowl directly.

Can you remove one handle from the seat?

If you don’t want to use both arms that come with the raised seat you don’t need to. You can remove one of these handles or both.

Some people, after surgery find that they only need one of the handles and it’s actually easier for them to use with only one installed.

If you’re rather broad in the beam and you’re worried about your hips fitting between the handles, this may be a reason to remove one of them.

This raised seat has a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs.


2. Best Raised Toilet Seat with Handles – 5 Inch Height

The Vive Raised Toilet Seat is a 5-inch portable elevated riser with padded handles.

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It is very similar to the seat reviewed above. But there are differences and I mention those below under a separate heading.

It will fit both standard and elongated toilets.

Does it have comfortable handles?

Similar to the model above, this 5-inch raised toilet seat comes with padded handles.

It also has a maximum weight limit of 250 lbs.

The handles are removable. You can use one, two or none of the handles while the seat is installed.

As mentioned above, if you’re undergoing surgery, you may prefer to only use one of the handles.

The front of the seat locks into place with the lock at the front of the seat.

Does this fit without removing the current seat?

Yes. You won’t need to remove the current seat and lid. You can sit them up and install the raised 5-inch seat straight away.

Do I need tools to install it?

No. This is very simple to install (similar to the one above). You simply place it on the bowl and use the front lock to secure it to the rim.

What is the difference between this model and the one reviewed above? (Vaunn Medical Elevated Raised Toilet Seat vs Vive Raised Toilet Seat):

  • The Vaunn model is raised 4 inches, this Vive model raises 5 inches.
  • This Viva model does not fit a toilet bowl that has a full 2-inch rim. If the bowl rim is greater then 1 1/2 inches, the back of this raised seat cannot fit under the rim to make it secure when locking in the front of the seat. THIS IS IMPORTANT. (the 4-inch Vaunn Medical Seat does suit a 2-inch rim). You can easily measure the rim inside the bowl before you purchase.
  • They both have a weight limit of 250 lbs.


3. Best Raised Toilet Seat With Frame

A raised toilet seat with frame provides you with extra stability to get up and down. But there are other advantages to an elevated toilet seat with a frame. Some toilets can’t take the usual raised seat that attaches to the bowl. If you have one of these you need to consider the frame type of seat instead.

Scroll down for details on this seat with frame below…

When Should You Use a Raised Toilet Seat with a Frame?

If your toilet is not completely flat on the top of the bowl you may have trouble attaching a raised toilet seat with arms. You will need a flat surface to ensure it is fitted safely.

What do you mean “completely flat”?

Well, occasionally you’ll see a toilet bowl where the top surface of the bowl starts to curve upwards towards the back.

This is how to identify it. Raise the lid and seat so you can get a good look at the top of the bowl. It will usually start at the front as a flat horizontal surface (top edge of the rim). As it curves around the bowl, toward the back, it may start to curve up vertically before it reaches the area where the lid and seat attach. This was obviously done to create a “prettier” toilet with a nice curve in its structure. Unfortunately this enhancement means you’re limited to certain raised toilet seats. Not everything will fit.

If you have a curved toilet bowl you may want to consider a seat with a full frame. Choose one where the raised seat sits on the frame. You want the frame to fully support the raised seat instead of it sitting on the actual toilet bowl.

When your toilet has a full 2-inch rim

Another problem is when your toilet features a full 2-inch rim on the inside of the bowl. The raised toilet seats that sit on the rim need to fit around the rim to secure properly. Some fit the full 2-inch rim and other don’t.

If the rim of your toilet is 2 inches or wider, you’ll want to consider using a raised toilet seat with frame.

When you need to adjust the height

An elevated toilet seat with a frame is adjustable. Instead of buying a seat that offers the height of 4 inches or 5 inches, the frame height is adjustable.  This gives you more flexibility. If you have pain in your hip or you’ve just had hip replacement surgery you may want to adjust the height of the raised seat to perfectly suit you.

When you need to rely on the handles all the time

Some people don’t really need the handles on a raised toilet seat, they just need the extra height.

If you want to rely on the handles every time you use it, you may want to consider the elevated seat with frame. Because the frame includes legs it gives it extra support compared to a seat that is completely supported by the toilet bowl.

The manufacturers don’t say this, but I firmly believe that the support for the handles is better on a frame compared to the seats with handles protruding from the seat itself.

The handles on a frame feel more secure. Personally I feel more confident seeing that the handles are supported by legs. Sometimes the appearance of safety is just as important as the safety feature itself. If it helps to give you confidence to use it, then this is important. Not everyone feels this way about the frame type of seat but if you do like to see extra support on the device you’re using, get the frame model.

Of course, a lot of this depends on your size and weight. The frame type of seat usually has a slightly higher maximum weight capacity than the plastic elevated seats that sit on the toilet bowl rim.

Best Raised Toilet Seat with Frame – PCP Raised Toilet Seat with Safety Frame

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This is a medical grade, lightweight and portable seat with frame. It can easily be moved from one bathroom to another or moved aside for other people to use the bathroom. Lifting it away from the toilet also allows for easy cleaning.

Beneath the seat is the bottomless splash guard. Don’t confuse this model with the type that is a bedroom commode. The bedroom commode (click here to see the best ones) is closed in at the bottom and can be placed beside a bed for overnight use.

Whereas, this raised toilet seat with frame is designed to be placed over a flush toilet.

What is the height of this framed seat?

The seat height adjusts 18 to 23 inches. The overall width of the frame is 21 inches. Width between the arm handles is 18 inches. These measurements are approximate. For more information, refer to the full detailed product dimensions (click here to see them).

Where is it made?

This model is made in the USA to hospital standards. It is constructed from sturdy aluminum. This makes it lighter to lift.

The frame includes reinforced rubber tips on the feet to ensure traction on tile floors.

Weight limit?

The maximum weight capacity for this elevated toilet seat with frame is 275 lbs.

4. Best Raised Toilet Seat with Lid

A lot of raised toilet seats do not include a lid. If you want to keep the same features as your original toilet you’ll probably want a lid.

By installing a an elevated toilet seat with a lid it keeps your toilet looking like a regular toilet and it’s not as noticeable in your bathroom.

AquaSense Raised Toilet Seat with Lid – 4 inches

This type of toilet seat is for people who want the extra height on their toilet but they don’t need the handles.

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This seat requires you to remove the original seat first. I know this sounds like a big deal but I’ve done it myself and it didn’t take me too long (only a matter of minutes). Of course, it depends on your toilet design so I can’t comment on how long it will take you, but just be aware that this extra step is required before using this raised seat.

This raised toilet seat with lid slots onto the top rim of the toilet bowl. It includes two screw clamps at the back of the seat. There is a slight overhang of the plastic into the inside of the toilet bowl to ensure everything goes straight into the toilet bowl.

You don’t need any tools to install this seat since the clamps do the job to hold it in place.

Which toilets can you use this on?

This elevated seat suits a regular round shaped toilet. It won’t suit an elongated toilet.

Who should use this raised toilet seat with lid?

This seat holds a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs.

This seat with a lid keeps your bathroom looking like a regular bathroom. If other people need to use the same bathroom it simply means the seat is higher but apart from this, it just looks like a regular toilet seat.

I have known at least one person (after using this raised seat) to say that this seat was perfect and he wanted one, even though he didn’t have any need for a raised seat. If you use it for a temporary condition or injury you might even want to keep it on the toilet after you no longer require the extra height. (It makes me wonder, why do they make toilets so low to start with?)


5. Best Raised Toilet Seat Portable

If you’re looking for a raised toilet seat portable design, there is one that stands out. It is simple to use, cheap to buy and does the job.

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This portable elevated toilet seat is very easy to install. You simply raise the toilet seat and lid and place this seat on the rim of the toilet bowl. It fits standard size toilets.

The seat is easy to clean because there aren’t any moving parts.

Who should use this toilet seat?

If you have pain in your knees or hips and you need to travel or go to a friend’s house, this is perfect. You can take this seat with you discreetly in a bag and no one will need to make a big fuss about it. It doesn’t include handles so it is easier to transport and smaller to fit in a bag.

And if you’re going to visit family regularly you can leave one of these raised seats at their house to pull out and use when you’re there. It doesn’t take up too much space to store.  It is so easy to place on the toilet and use so it’s perfect if you need to regularly remove it for others to use the toilet.

This seat holds a maximum of 250 lbs. It’s made in the USA.

6. Best Raised Toilet Seat 2 Inches

A lot of raised toilet seats are 4 or 5 inches in height. If you are around 5’2″ or shorter, you may find this elevation to be too high.

There are 2 inch raised toilet seats available as well.

Of course, this also depends on the original height of your toilet. If it is starting at chair height you may want the 2-inch model. If it is starting lower than chair height (as many do) you may still want to get a 4-inch raised toilet seat.

Unfortunately no one can make the decision for you on this. But it is good to know that you should think about the combination of your own height and the height of the original commode before you make a purchase.

AquaSense Raised Toilet Seat with Lid – 2 inches

This seat is the same as the raised seat with lid shown above. But this one is 2 inches instead of 4 inches.

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It comes with a lid so it will look quite normal in your bathroom.

You’ll need to remove the current seat and replace it with this one. There are two clamps on the back of this model to secure it to the rim of the toilet bowl.

It will take 300 lbs maximum.

This seat will fit a regular round shaped toilet.


7. Raised Toilet Seats for Elongated Toilets

2 Inch Elevated Seat for Elongated Toilets

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This 2 inch elevated toilet seat is open fronted and comes with a lid. It looks like a regular toilet seat.

It also comes in a 3 inch version.

This seat is designed specifically for elongated toilets. It’s also available for standard round toilets to make sure you select the correct model when you order it online.

It is made from high quality commercial plastic and resists chips and stains.

It’s made in the USA.

Please note: with regard to appearance, this seat leaves a gap between the toilet bowl and the seat. If you don’t want the appearance of a gap then take a look at the riser below…

3.5 Inch Toilet Seat Riser for Elongated Toilet

This product is not actually a seat. It’s a riser that you install between the toilet and the original seat. This is a more permanent solution.

You place the original seat and lid on top of the riser. It’s suitable for an elongated toilet.

✅   Click Here for the price on this riser

This riser gives you an extra 3.5 inches in height.  It won’t leave a gap below the seat.

It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

This riser screws in underneath the back of the toilet bowl using the original holes which secured the seat and lid.

The riser is hinged so you can lift it up for cleaning. The original lid can go up, the original seat can go up and the riser can go up. Everything is hinged.

This riser means there is no gap between the bowl and the seat. It’s opaque plastic so it’s not as noticeable. This results in your bathroom looking pretty much the same as it did before.

5 Inch Elevated Toilet Seat with Handles

This Vive model is reviewed above. This is the same product (see the details above). It is suitable for elongated toilets as well as round ones.

✅   For the price Click Here for this toilet seat for elongated toilets

4.5 Inch Elevated Toilet Seat Easy to Install

This is one of the easiest seats to install on an elongated toilet. It has a lock in the front to keep it secure.

✅   Click Here for the price on this elevated seat

There’s no need to remove the original seat or lid. You simply open them up and leave them sitting vertical behind this seat.

The raised seat is placed on the toilet bowl itself.

This seat will suit an elongated toilet bowl. It’s easy to remove if you need to for cleaning.

Note: if you have an elongated toilet you may also want to consider a raised toilet seat with frame. This type of model sits above the toilet (see the review above)


8. Toilet Handrail

If you’re looking for toilet rails to give assistance in the bathroom, it is easier to get rails that don’t need installation. You can buy a toilet support rail that slides in around the toilet and doesn’t need any drilling or bolting.

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These toilet rails are adjustable in height to suit everyone. This free standing toilet handle bar is convenient and doesn’t take any tools to assemble.

This product is designed for the bathroom but it could be used in other parts of the house if you need it elsewhere.

The height adjusts between 24 and 29 inches. It supports weight up to 300 lbs.

It includes anti-slip rubber feet to help with stability.

The grab bars are padded and secure to ensure you get a good grip and stay safe.

This toilet support rail should suit both standard and elongated toilets. To see the detailed dimensions, click here and you can see the full diagram in the images.


If in doubt, don’t be…

If you’re weakened by a disease or you have an ongoing condition, it makes a world of difference to get the right products to help you. There’s no reason to put up with pain in your knees or hip if you can avoid it.
Using an elevated toilet seat to give you a few extra inches is such an easy way to improve your life on a daily basis.
Since using such a seat myself I am now determined that I will get the correct products I need when I face pain or mobility problems. I tend to hesitate on buying extra things for the house, especially if I think I only need them for a temporary time. But once you’re in pain, you need assistance fast.
It’s great to have a product in your house ready to go when you need it. And if you need a permanent solution to your weak knees or your ongoing pain then it’s imperative to find that solution now. I hope you find the perfect product to add to your bathroom and provide that bit of extra help you need.


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