Outdoor Home Security Lights to Deter Thieves

No one likes to be seen when they’re doing something wrong. It’s the same with thieves. They don’t want to be seen or caught. Outdoor home security lights are one of your best bets when you want to keep your family and property safe.

A burglar walking by your home has a great chance of getting away with robbing you if he has a quick and dark getaway. But through a savvy strategy, you can deter or even prevent this from happening in the first place because home security lights deter thieves.

1.  Motion Detection

Lighting alone makes it harder to be stealth and adds a little extra pressure to the burglar’s tasks. But by using motion detection lighting, you can have a better chance of catching a burglar by surprise and possibly make them reconsider entering your home.

2.  Design a lighting zone

Security lighting is great because the moment someone steps within the lighting zone of your house, the lights turn on – making it appear as though someone in the house is aware of their presence and has turned them on.

A burglar is less likely to enter if they suspect that you’re aware that they’re out there, and the burglar could even walk away due to their own paranoia.

Outdoor home security lights motion sensor

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3.  Timed lights

Sometimes people like to leave the lights on all night so that it’s more difficult to approach the house. However, for cost effectiveness with bulbs and electricity, most people end up leaving them off. This way you can set them to turn on when motion is detected.

You may also want to consider getting a light which automatically turns on a dusk and off at dawn. There are solar lights which offer this function.

Outdoor home security lights solar

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4.  Lighting to complement cameras

Outdoor home security lights are very handy if you have security cameras.  Video cameras, such as doorbell cameras, are also great to combine with motion detection lighting. This is because the lighting will help you get a better-quality video for the camera’s playback.

Night cameras tend to be harder to see when going over the footage, so it will be better for you to combine both so that police can catch the perpetrator. Security lighting can be purchased for just about any budget. You can start from as low as about $50 and up. And if it is in your budget to get more, then it will definitely help beef up your security.

5.  Don’t forget the backyard

You also need outdoor home security lights in the backyard. Having extra motion detection lighting in the backyard by the door is also important because this is another popular choice for burglars to break and enter. If a burglar doesn’t choose to go by the lights next to the doors, you could have lights also on each side of your house so that if they decide to use the window, they’ll be caught off guard there as well.

6.  Eliminate the weak points

Having lights on each side of your house means that you won’t have any weak points on your house. This helps to make it very difficult for any burglars to remain stealth.

7.  Utilize what you already have

If you can’t afford to install outdoor home security lights, but you have an ordinary light installed under cover at your front door or at the back of the house you can get a smart LED bulb. A motion sensor bulb can usually be placed into an already existing light fitting and give you the advantage of motion detection without having to install a new light.

In addition to motion sensor bulbs you can also get wifi bulbs. Wifi allows you to switch the bulb on or off from your smartphone. And if you want to go even further, why not try a camera bulb.

These clever bulbs not only emit light but they also give you a bird’s eye view of the space below to check on area of your home. Just be sure your bulb is not exposed to weather. At the time of writing, these light bulb cameras were not available as water-proof.  

Are Outdoor Home Security Lights Worth It?

When it comes to outdoor home security lights, more expensive lighting setups cost around $300 and up. But these often come with built in cameras, megaphones, and applications that connect to your phone for a little bit more security.

It’s possible for you to invest in a high-quality light for the front. And then you invest in cheaper sets for around the other sides of the house. Whether you’re looking into the motion lights to scare off burglars, help support better video quality for cameras, or just want to leave them on so it’s difficult to sneak up to your house in the first place, security lightening is definitely a crucial home defense gadget to have as a deterrent to criminal activity.

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