Is Home Security Monitoring Worth It? What You’re Really Paying For

If you’ve thought about getting home security, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Is home security monitoring worth it?” I know I’ve asked myself this question in the past. But once you do a bit of research the answer becomes crystal clear. It really gets back to assessing one priority and I’ll get to that soon…

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Why you should ask yourself “Is home security monitoring worth it?”

A crime often takes place because an opportunity presents itself. By having your home protected with home security monitoring, you can make your property less appealing to thieves.

If they have to put in effort – or if there’s an alarm that can catch them in the act – they prefer to move on to the next target. A debate often rages among people who use home security as to whether or not a person should also invest the money to have professional home security monitoring for the system.

There are two ways that you can protect your house. You can install it yourself and monitor it yourself – or, you can pay someone to do it. What you’ll pay will depend on the service company that you choose.

Some are inexpensive, while others cost a lot more. But what they’re really providing might not be such a bargain for you after all. You may be surprised to find out that almost all of the service provided by the security company, you can now do yourself. I’ll explain each of the services here.

8 ideas to consider before you pay for a monitoring service

  1. One thing that most companies tout is 24/7 monitoring. But you get that yourself with the do-it-yourself home security systems that you set up. You can program the system to monitor your home while you’re awake, while you’re out of the house and while you’re sleeping.
  2. With a monitoring service, if there’s a problem, you or the authorities will be notified. However, in a system that you put up yourself, you’ll get the same result. Your security system can notify you or someone else on your smartphone.
  3. Home security monitoring companies provide you with apps so that you can check on your property. These days it’s easy to get these updates yourself when you install a system on your own.
  4. A monitoring company will come out and set up the system and explain how to work it. You can do that yourself – plus, you usually get a guide and access to customer service if there’s a problem when you do it yourself.
  5. A monitoring company installs the cameras. That’s something you can also do yourself. They’ll customize the system and let you choose the various components. Again, that’s something that you can do on your own just by following the product guide and choosing your products online.
  6. You’ll get smart device control just as you would if you used a monitoring service. You can get automated alarm systems that integrate lights, temperature and lock control  yourself.
  7. Monitoring companies advertise that you can have real time visual access with their service – but you can get that with the DIY systems, too.
  8. When you sign up for home security monitoring, you can often get a discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy.  But you can also get that with a system that you install and check yourself.

Is home security monitoring worth it

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Is home security monitoring worth it for the convenience of installation?

So in the end, you’ll pay a lot more for the convenience of having a security company install the system for you. The advantages of installing it yourself are that you’ll only pay for the features and extras that you choose and you won’t pay for installation. You are the one in charge of your own security.

Plus, you can get security features like facial recognition with cameras you buy yourself that can’t be provided through the use of home monitoring (not available at the time of writing).

There’s really not any extra security that you gain by using a monitoring service. You just pay more for the same thing – except there’s the convenience of having someone else set it up one time.

Sure, I understand that you may feel overwhelmed by the idea of setting up this technology yourself. And if you really think it is beyond you then I would say definitely go with a professionally installed system rather than going without. However, if you’re in this category perhaps you could get a member of your family or even a neighbor to help you with the installation.

Overall, you need to consider what you’re really paying for when you’re considering, Is Home Security Monitoring Worth It? In the past, if you wanted home monitoring you needed to use a business that could provide this service. These days there are many more options. The systems are easy to install, especially if they’re using WiFi. There are no wires to connect.

With the proliferation of smartphones you can receive alerts from your DIY security system and you can see what’s happening when you’re not at home. So, is home security monitoring worth it? Save your money and install your own monitoring home security system. You’ll be pleased you did.  

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