How to Defend Your Home from a Break In | Home Security Basics

It’s terrifying to think that an intruder may break into your home at night when your family is asleep but we all know it can and does happen. It’s so important to plan ahead. If you don’t know how to defend your home, it’s best to start preparing now. Here are the tips you need.

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Nobody ever intends on getting their home broken into, but not enough people prepare for the unexpected. Without having to invest in a high-tech security system, there are still ways that you can ensure your safety, feel confident about sleeping at night, and protect your loved ones through simple preparation and home security basics.

Criminals start with the advantage

If a criminal already has a plan to break into your house for whatever reason, they start with an advantage of being prepared, whereas you’re not there or maybe asleep in bed and will be caught off guard by what’s happening. This is why you need to learn how to defend your home at all times.

Follow some of these steps that help you balance the power in this situation, and then give yourself the upper hand so that you’re ready for anything that might happen. 

Plan your escape route

Before you start thinking about how to defend your home the best way, by fending off an intruder, make sure everyone knows the alternative escape routes in the house, which could also be helpful in case of other emergency’s such as a fire.

This could be windows instead of exit doors, a plan to all meet in one room and escape together, or a way for you to communicate quickly with your family. Once you’ve planned a quick escape route, implement and give it a practice round or two so that everyone feels confident and comfortable.

Ask yourself, are the exit doors or windows key-locked? Does everyone in the house have access to the correct keys at night to escape in an emergency.

If a bedroom is closer to the garage door instead of the front door, can people get out through both the garage-house door and the garage-driveway door? Do you need to provide extra keys close to the bedrooms for safety at night in case your family needs to escape from an intruder or a fire?

Make sure everyone in the family knows how to get through the window or door exit in an emergency. Are the locks complicated? Use a practice drill to ensure everyone knows what to do in case you’re not there when the emergency happens.

Since it should be done quickly, this shouldn’t eat up too much time.  The next thing to think about is the strength of your doors.

An easy way to fortify your doors

If you want to learn how to defend your home, you’d better give some serious consideration to your doors.

Some door locks are not very strong. Even if the lock is strong, it may be compromised by the door frame as the weak point. There are simple ways to strengthen your doors from intruders and you don’t need to make alterations to your existing doors.

How to defend your home door bar

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Door lock barricades can be purchased at cost effective prices, and if placed under the handle of your doors, could buy you and your family more time to either escape the house, or prepare to defend your home.

These door handle sticks don’t take up much room, and are very easy and fast to place under the doorknob, but will make the entrance into your home or a room much more difficult for the criminal.

This is an easy way to be prepared and it helps you regain some of the power in an emergency situation when a criminal is trying to break into your home.

Deterrent devices

Another pair of budget friendly devices could be motion sensor lights to spook and deter criminals from proceeding, and cost effective security cameras placed around the premise.

How to defend your home motion sensor light

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Make sure you have the sensor on a light pointing towards the entry point to your home, maybe a front path or in front of a porch.

You want the light to turn on before they reach your home as a deterrent.

Also set the timer on the motion sensor light so it stays on long enough to be a deterrent. A thief doesn’t want to be spotted by the neighbors.

There are even fake security cameras you can buy. These are meant to alert the criminal that the home is being monitored. Obviously, they’re not as effective as the real thing, but it’s still a deterrent.

Is a firearm an option?

Owning a firearm is a personal choice. A lot of the decision depends on where you live and what your experience is with firearms.

Owning a firearm is probably your best bet to defend you home, if you’re prepared to use it.  And it might not cost as much as a high-tech security system. If you’re prepared to have a firearm in your home, you should invest time into some basic training.

Check with your local shooting ranges because most of them will offer some sort of home defense classes that specifically prepare you for a home invasion scenario.

Fast communication

The last, and perhaps most important bit of advice to follow is to know where your phone is at all times, and have phones in close proximity to your bedrooms so that you can call the 911 dispatcher as early as possible.

Make sure everyone in the family knows how to call the emergency number. Find out if there is a shortcut emergency call option on the front of your smartphone. This can be easier for children to use if they need to in an emergency. You’ll need to educate them in advance. Be sure to emphasize how serious and important it is so they only use it in a true emergency.

Share your plan ahead of time

Once you know how to defend your home, share these tips with your family as well. This way you ensure that they will have a better chance at defending themselves in case of a home invasion. This is just in case something happens when you aren’t there.

Don’t wait until your home is broken into to have to defend yourself. Implement these home security basics now and give yourself an advantage in the event a worst-case scenario begins to unfold.

It’s better to learn how to defend your home in advance than do nothing until a bad situation strikes. Get your family prepared for the unexpected and you’ll feel happier sleeping at night.

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