Home Security Signs – Are They a Deterrent to Criminals?

You may be thinking about home security signs before you get any security gadgets in your home. Alternatively, many people like some yard signs in addition to home security devices. Either way, you’re probably wondering, are they a deterrent? 

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Home security signs are a popular method of deterring criminals and burglars from stepping on the premise of your home. But do they alone actually work? The answer is not quite that simple…because every criminal is different and some may not be swayed by that tactic.

So instead, we need to weigh the pros and cons of investing in a security sign. Some thieves will take the bait of your sign and worry that you may actually have a home security system.

Home Security Signs

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But others, regardless of your sign or being able to tell it’s a fake or not, will take the risk and have confidence in their speed to get the job done. Would a home security sign deter some of the criminals from breaking and entering your home?

It definitely might have a chance of frightening some away, but it wouldn’t be able to scare every criminal. Some criminals are even smarter than you think. Theycould research or just tell from the logo that your sign is a fake.

Are your home security signs attracting criminals?

If they know you have a fake sign, they might even assume you have valuables that you specifically want to protect inside of the house. This makes your home even more enticing to a burglar.

If you decide to purchase a sign anyway, in hopes to lower the odds your home will be a target, make sure you purchase a real sign from a proper company instead of a third party knockoff.

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It’s good to know that when you start thinking about home security you can begin with an inexpensive home security sign in your yard or on your windows.

It’s a good start, but these days you can go further without it costing you very much.

Home security signs can be combined with cheap individual security gadgets that will help to give you peace of mind.

You don’t need to invest in a whole house security system to increase the security for your family.

In addition to home security signs you may want to buy one outdoor motion sensor light or one smart light bulb (for further details, read more here).

A lot of individual security devices now operate via free apps on your smart phone. This keeps the cost down and lets you invest a small amount to increase the security of your home. These devices are convenient and require minimal set up

So, let’s consider how you can increase the deterrent value of a sign in your front yard…

How can I increase the deterrent value of home security signs in my yard?

A couple of better alternatives to have around your house that are budget friendly home security options would be gadgets. These could include outdoor motion detection lighting, adopting a dog, or even finding a budget friendly surveillance camera.

Not all security strategies involve spending hundreds and thousands on companies coming to set up high-tech security systems. There are many options that are budget friendly, easy to set up, and very effective against home invasions.

Everyone has their own fears – including criminals. So the more home defense that you build up, the more fear you can instill in others willing to do you harm. And one of your tactics will ward them off if you combine different gadgets and strategies.

A burglar walking up to a house with a sign on the lawn is more likely to break in than a burglar that walks up to a house with a sign, flood lights that turn on, dogs barking, and cameras filming.

You can find all of those combined on a budget. And each one complements the other when it comes to frightening off criminals. Find out what would work best for your home and work on beefing up security one step at a time, giving you better sleep at night knowing that you and your family are safe.

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