Home Security Hacks to Keep Your Family Safe

Ever wondered what you can do quickly and easily to help keep your family safe? There are lots of home security hacks you can use to improve the security of your home. Here are the ideas you need…

You can’t take your home’s security for granted. You have to be diligent in order to protect what’s yours. There are lots of home security hacks that you should know to keep your home safe.

1. Change the Locks

If you bought your home or you’ve moved into a new apartment, then you really should think about getting the lock changed. If it’s a rental place, ask the landlord if the lock has been changed – because anyone who had the key can use that to get back in.

2. Door and Window Frames

You don’t want any surprises. You need to make sure that you check out the strength of the wood around your windows, front and rear entry doors, sliding glass doors, French doors and your garage.

3. Heavy Duty Locks

These are often weak areas that a thief can just kick at or hit with a heavy object to break the wood and gain entry to your home. Your locks should be heavy duty, modern locks.

4. Anti-bumping Locks

What is lock bumping? This is a technique using specially cut keys known as bump keys to defeat conventional pin and tumbler door locks.  If your locks are more than five years old, you should change them out to make sure you have anti-bumping ones.

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5. Cameras

You need to have a security system in place. You can find ones that will give you cameras for both inside and outside your home. This way, you can protect your home on all fronts.

Look for outside cameras that have the ability to zoom as well as pan. This way, it can cover the front of your house. For increased protection, it’s always best to have one for the back yard as well.

6. Security System

You can usually get a pretty good deal when you buy a system that has multiple cameras. You want sensitive motion detector lights on – not only the front of your house – but the rear corners as well.  These usually come factory set, but in some cases, you can tweak the detection so that they’re not coming on every time a cat crosses the yard. The times when no one is home is more enticing to a thief than if someone is there.

7. Automated Lights

Most thieves just want to get in, clean you out and go. They’re more hesitant to break in if they think that you’re there. So you want to make them think that you are.

You can get a home security system that has an automated light feature.  You can schedule the lights to go on when you’d like them to. Additionally, you can also find some security systems that can be programmed to automatically turn on a light whenever someone walks into the room.

8. Don’t Advertise What You Have

This is one of the common sense home security hacks.  If you’ve recently purchased some expensive electronics or other valuables, don’t leave evidence curbside for thieves to see what you just got. Instead, break down these boxes and put them in bags or containers that aren’t see through. There’s no use advertising what you have.

Similarly, if you’ve just taken off your expensive jewelry, don’t leave it in full view near a front window. You don’t want to attract thieves by advertising what you have.

9. Dog Deterrent

If you have a dog, make it well known that you have one. If you don’t, you can always act like you do by putting up signs in the yard or windows or leaving dog toys or dishes in the yard.

10. Extra Doors

Do you have a large pet door accessing the laundry or one room of your house. Consider putting a stronger door and more secure locks on the internal door from that room to the rest of the house.

If you have a large dog you’ll need a large pet door on the external house door. But if you’re concerned about the security of that pet door at night you can lock the internal door and this will help to ensure an intruder doesn’t get beyond that one room.

11. Plants for Home Defense

This is definitely one of the non-technical home security hacks. If you want to deter thieves from climbing into your windows, grow plants with spiky sharp leaves underneath them.  You could choose plants like bougainvillea, thistle, holly, cactus or rose bushes.

12. Vacation Preparation

If you’re planning a vacation, plan to secure your home. Stop your mail being delivered and organize for you yard to be maintained or your driveway to be shoveled regularly. If you know your neighbors it’s a great way to get someone to keep an eye on your property. They’ll be the first ones to know if something has happened. Be sure to give your neighbor your contact number for when you’re away.

13. Secure the Garage

Always try to close your garage door as soon as possible. You don’t want to show a potential thief that you have expensive tools or car equipment in your garage.

Don’t leave your garage door opener in sight inside your car while it’s parked in the driveway. Check that the internal door between your garage and your home is secure and has a strong lock. This is an easy way for an intruder to enter your home.

These are quick and easy home security hacks to keep your family safe. If you’re looking for more ideas on how to set up home security from scratch then you might be interested in reading more here.  You shouldn’t delay on home security for any reason. With just a few home security hacks you can improved your safety today. And if you want to go beyond these home security hacks and buy 5 budget-friendly home security gadgets, read more here.  







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