5 Budget Friendly Home Security Gadgets You Should Own

Home security gadgets have come down in price in recent years and there are a lot more items available. In the past you needed to get an entire security system set up by a security company and it would cost a fortune. Now you can choose one product at a time. You don’t need to spend a lot of money all at once. There are important security items you should start with, so let’s take a look…

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In the event that someone is breaking into your home, you always want to have the advantage over them in any situation possible. The more security gadgets you have to secure your fortress, the better chance you give yourself in a home invasion. There are five home security gadgets you should be using above all others.

1. Surveillance

First, you need surveillance – because having an accurate profile of the criminal is a lot more helpful than trying to remember what they looked like after going through a traumatic event – and will allow you to know who it was if you weren’t home.

Surveillance used to mean a fixed camera on a wall. These days you can use a wifi camera that sits on a shelf or is hidden within an everyday item in your home like an ornament or a box on shelf.

Home Security Gadgets light bulb camera

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I really like these new light bulb cameras. They’re discreet because they’re within the light bulb on your ceiling. They also act as a normal light bulb but they have the advantage of turning on automatically after dark.

With a light bulb camera you can see the images on your smart phone. The advantage of this camera is that it’s wifi so you can check on your home even when you’re away travelling or when you’re at work. You can even use it to check on your pets during the day when you’re out.

2. Doorbell cameras

Doorbell cameras are helpful because they can capture the car used to transport the thief, get a great close up of them as they’re walking up, and might even get a clear headshot of your intruder if they came earlier in the day to look at your house before they tried to rob it.

Be sure to get a doorbell camera that has built-in motion sensors so that it works even if someone doesn’t press the doorbell.

Home Security Gadgets doorbell camera

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The other advantage with a doorbell camera is that you can see the person at the door before you open it. This is a great security feature when you’re at home.

3. Door barricade | Door stopper stick

Picking up a budget friendly door barricade or door stopper stick that props up against the doorknob from inside your house is a great way to buy yourself some time to escape before the criminal enters your home.

Or it might give you more time to prepare yourself and call 911. These door stopper sticks are lightweight, simple to use, don’t take up much space, and can be used on just about any door regardless of whether or not the door has a lock on it, making it very difficult to break through.

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Home Security Gadgets door barricade

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A door stopper stick gives you bang for your buck. They are cheap to buy and there’s no installation cost. If you think you could benefit from a door barricade, consider how many external doors you have – one at the front? one at the back? Maybe you have a laundry door to the outside. These door stopper sticks are easy to use but very effective.

4. Motion sensor lights

Home Security Gadgets motion sensor light

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Motion sensor lights outside of your home are easy to install, and if anyone tries to step onto your property, the light turning on might spook them, or they’ll think that you’re home and flipped the light on yourself.

If combined with a surveillance camera, the motion light will give you a clearer picture of who is on your property. Motion sensors inside the house can sound a loud alarm, send a notification to your phone via apps and alert the police if you aren’t home or are going to bed.

This method is a bit more high-tech and might require a company to install them for you, but the security of having motion detection is a great way to catch anyone who breaks in through windows or other methods besides the front door.

Home security gadgets to convert an already installed light into a security light…

If you’re looking for an easy option to turn an already existing light into a motion sensor light then you’ll love this clever light bulb. It’s one of those must-have home security gadgets. It includes radar motion sensor detection which is more sensitive and more responsive than an infrared sensor.

Home Security Gadgets radar motion sensor bulb

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This really is an easy option. All you need to do is change the light bulb. There’s no need to have a new light installed.

5. Smart plugs for power outlets

Home Security Gadgets smart plug

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Lastly, one of the most versatile home security gadgets you should be using in your home is a wifi power outlet smart plug.

At first, you may not think about this device for security. Many people use them to connect to their coffee machine so they can turn it on from their smart phone in the morning before they get out of bed.

But when it comes to security, these wifi plugs are very handy. You can connect a lamp and use it to turn on a light before you come home from work or when you’re away travelling, making an intruder think there’s someone home.

You can connect a TV, speaker or other home security gadgets to make sound to think there’s someone home.

Of course, there are plenty of non-security uses for these gadgets. These wifi plugs are also handy for connecting a device like a fan so you can turn it on or off from your smart phone. You can also use them in difficult to reach areas where you need to use the power socket but can’t reach it. This way you control it from your smart phone.

No matter what your budget is, there are home security gadgets to help keep every family safe, and having a plan to utilize those products is just as important when it comes to protection again criminals who try to break into your home.

If you’re going to be travelling, place lights on preset times or remember to turn them on or off from you smart phone while you’re away. Use surveillance in the most appropriate areas like the entrance to your property or along a side path where an intruder may try and get to a door other than your front door.

Start with one or two home security gadgets and see how much of an improvement they make to your home. Once you start using these security devices you’ll be glad you did.

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