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If you’re looking for a glass essential oil diffuser there are many that look good with an external glass casing. However, if you’re looking for a diffuser that uses glass inside, where the essential oil is placed, then they are harder to find. Here, we look at the best glass oil diffusers that don’t contain any plastic so you can be assured of getting the benefits from using pure essential oils.

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The best type of oil diffuser made from glass is an essential oil nebulizer. It gives you a more pure delivery of aromatherapy oils. If you want the best glass essential oil diffuser, you’ll want a nebulizer. A nebulizer converts the essential oil into mist without the use of water.

A nebulizing glass essential oil diffuser uses pure essential oil without adding any water. Most glass nebulizers use a glass bulb on top which sits on a wooden or ceramic base. The black base on the nebulizer on the right is ceramic and the top is made from individually hand-blown glass. A blown glass oil diffuser is plastic-free.

What are the Advantages of Using a Glass Essential Oil Nebulizer?

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  1. No dilution – if you’ve ever smelt one of your favorite essential oils in the glass bottle it came in and then smelt it once it was diffused after adding water, you may have noticed that it smells slightly different. I have noticed this myself. When you use a glass essential oil nebulizer the scent in your room is closer to the original pure smell.
  2. No moldy smell – some people notice that when using an ultrasonic diffuser that requires water, it starts to smell moldy or stale after a few weeks or months. I think this tends to happen if you don’t wipe it out and clean it after use. I’ve never heard any complaints about this happening with a glass nebulizer for essential oils. A glass oil diffuser keeps the oil pure.
  3. No plastic – with an all glass diffuser there are no plastics to break down over time and pollute our environment and body. If you’re trying to avoid plastic in your own living or working environment then a glass essential oil nebulizer is perfect.
  4. Can use strong oils – if you like to use citrus essential oils (I personally love sweet orange essential oil) then you may have noticed that many ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers warn against using strong oils like citrus in them. With a glass essential oil diffuser you don’t have this problem. A glass oil diffuser can cope with strong oils.
  5. Like a sculpture – another advantage of using a glass essential oil nebulizer is that they are very attractive to place in your home or office. The combination of glass with wood or ceramic is very beautiful and often looks more like a work of art than a diffuser. There are different designs to suit modern or traditional decor. Whether you want to use one in your yoga studio, your living room, bedroom or workplace, there’s a glass oil diffuser to suit everyone.

What is the Best Glass Essential Oil Diffuser?

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A nebulizing essential oil diffuser made from glass is the best, but it is also expensive. Nebulizers can be double or triple the cost of an ultrasonic plastic diffuser. But if you’re looking for a good plastic free essential oil diffuser then this is the type for you.

Although the price can be a deterrent, you are actually getting a much higher quality product. Let’s face it, the glass and wood or ceramic nebulizers are going to cost more to produce than a plastic diffuser. When you take a look at this clear glass essential oil diffuser on the left, you can see you’re getting a higher quality product.

For this reason alone you shouldn’t be upset about the cost being more. If you’re looking for the best glass essential oil diffuser, you’ll need to pay a bit more (compared to plastic).

If you really can’t afford a glass nebulizer for your aromatherapy then start with an ultrasonic diffuser and be sure to add the required amount of water.

Also be sure to clean it out afterwards according to the manufacturers instructions, especially if you’re using a stronger oil or citrus, so it keeps working.

Another alternative, if a glass nebulizer is beyond your budget, is to use a glass bottle with reeds. This can look beautiful in a room. The scent will take longer to disperse but at least you’re using glass for your oils.

If you want to use your essential oils in glass there are cheaper ways to do it but ultimately you’ll probably want to buy a glass essential oils nebulizer, especially if you want to use aromatherapy in a large room or open-concept house. A glass oil diffuser will help to disperse the oil faster than a bottle with reeds. The best glass essential oil diffuser will be functional as well as complementing the decor in your home. Take a look at different types here…

Nebulizing Diffuser with a Wooden Base

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This is a very pretty essential oils diffuser from Organic Aromas. It looks beautiful in your living room and will be a conversation piece with friends. This essential oil nebulizer is very effective at dispersing your oils quickly and strongly, even in a large room. It requires no water to dilute your essential oils, it uses no heat and it contains no plastic.

This is a very natural and pure way of delivering aromatherapy. This Organic Aromas nebulizer uses a very quiet air pump. It atomizes your oils into micro-particles that your body can absorb.

The cycle runs for 2 minutes on diffusing and then 1 minute off. This continues for 2 hours and then shuts off automatically.

This essential oil nebulizer includes LED lighting which can move through all the colors automatically or be turned off. The choice is yours.

The base is made from plantation timber and comes in the dark color (shown) or a lighter wood color. Each glass reservoir is individually hand-blown. If the worst happens, and your break the glass reservoir, you can buy a new replacement one online.

The Organic Aromas essential oil nebulizer is very high quality. This is a perfect way to deliver aromatherapy. By using natural substances of glass and wood you get a sense of peace and calm from this beautiful piece.

Another beautiful glass diffuser…

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The next glass essential oil diffuser is another nebulizer but with a more modern look. This nebulizer is also made by Organic Aromas. This one is a personal favorite with me because my living area includes modern decor. This glass and wood diffuser goes nicely with Hamptons, Scandi, Mid-Century or modern decor. It also looks good in a bedroom.

It is high quality and like the model above, it uses a quiet air pump to atomize the particles of your favorite essential oils. This essential oils glass diffuser uses the same cycle and has the same LED lights as the one above.

You don’t need to add any water so you can use a few drops of your oils pure from the glass bottle.

This nebulizer does not use heat so the therapeutic integrity of your essential oils is kept intact. And it’s plastic-free.

Once again, this is a rather an expensive glass essential oil diffuser, but most essential oil nebulizers are expensive. But if you’re serious about getting the best benefits from your oils and you love a natural way of delivering aromatherapy then you’re going to love this essential oils nebulizer.

A glass nebulizer with wood base and ceramic top…

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This stylish glass nebulizing diffuser is designed in Italy. It’s called Sofia.  The Sofia comes with two glass reservoirs so you’ve got a backup if one accidentally breaks. It is nebulizing so you don’t need any water. It uses the glass reservoir so your essential oils don’t come in contact with any plastic.

This glass essential oil diffuser comes with a meditation light. The light is independent and can be used with or without the glass oil diffuser being turned on. The light can be switched fully on, or on meditation mode to work with your breathing pattern, or completely off.

The diffuser cycle runs for 2 minutes with diffusing on followed by 1 minute with diffusing off. It will stop automatically after 2 hours.

This is a beautiful nebulizing glass oil diffuser with an oak wood base and a handmade ceramic top. As mentioned, it includes two glass reservoirs for inside where you place your essential oils.

This Italian design diffuser (the Sofia) looks great in any room in your home or office. It suits most decor and can be placed on a table, shelf or desk.

Essential Oil Nebulizer with Ceramic Base

If wood is not your thing then take a look at these beautiful ceramic and glass diffusers. With these essential oil diffuser ceramic base models, you can choose a white or black base with the glass top on each.

Each glass top is individually hand-blown and the shape is reminiscent of a wine decanter.

It includes a soft white mood LED light which can be turned on or off.

This type of glass oil diffuser looks great in modern or traditional settings.

A lot of people prefer this design as the best glass essential oil diffuser because it looks less fragile and looks better weighted at the base to make it less likely to topple over.

I don’t know whether this is actually correct because most of the glass nebulizers have a good solid base, but if you like the style then this is definitely the best glass nebulizer for you.

As well as being practical and delivering pure essential oils, you’ll want to choose a glass diffuser that you like the look of. Choose a color that suits the decor in your room and choose a style that is appealing and makes you want to use it everyday. These are aromatherapy nebulizers that you’ll be proud to put on display and use.

So, enjoy finding a beautiful glass essential oil diffuser today and you’ll be appreciating aromatherapy for a long time to come.


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