Use a Doorbell Security Camera to Keep Your Family Safe

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If you want more security in your home without implementing a full security system, you should get a wifi doorbell security camera. These devices are so easy to add to your front door area and yet they provide a huge increase in security and convenience for you and your family. Here we discuss whether you should get one…

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You’ve probably seen more videos on the news lately about how police are searching for criminals who have stolen an item off a porch, damaged property, or broken into a home.

And the interesting thing is, the homeowner has a picture of them.

This is because more people today are installing home security doorbell cameras (like this doorbell here) that get a good image of the intruder before they even enter the home or in some cases, before they step foot on the property.

In the past it was difficult for manufacturers to get a high definition camera into a battery operated door bell and combine it with wifi capability. This is no longer a dream. You can get high quality images from your wifi doorbell security camera.

You now have the option of using battery operated video doorbells or attaching the wifi doorbell to your existing doorbell wiring. This also gives you the option to use the current chime in your home with your new wifi camera doorbell. Installation has become easier too.

Why is a doorbell security camera useful?

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You will find a video camera in the front door area is particularly helpful for several crucial reasons. First, when the intruder first pulls up to the house, many cameras have been successful in getting a great image of the car used to transport the criminals.

If there are not obvious cameras outside, your intruder might even have his guard down outside of your home and not cover his or her face before breaking and entering. You get a great chance to get a profile for the police and public.

One of the biggest successes with these doorbell cameras that has been seen on the news is that criminals like to scope out the house a couple of hours or a day prior to breaking into the home.

Most criminals don’t want to be obvious about scoping out the house, so they find a seemingly innocent reason to approach the house. This may include an excuse such as they need directions or they’re looking for someone.

Most of the time they don’t cover their faces, which makes it a great opportunity to get a lead on who might have committed the crime.

Today, aside from video surveillance, some doorbell cameras will even record the video footage and store it in the cloud so have evidence of any activity on your doorstep. This doorbell stores video in the the cloud, click here.

However, if you want to record video on your phone rather than the cloud, see this doorbell here.

Many wifi doorbells can send an alert to your phone to notify you that there was activity at your house when you weren’t there. You could also use this to possibly give you a notification that could wake you up if you’re asleep.

Pretend You’re at Home

Another feature that some doorbell systems have is a voice answering activation mode that allows you to answer via cell phone.

This could confuse the intruder and make them believe you are home, which is great to deter criminals, especially if your children or an elderly adult are home and you’re not there. This really gives you peace of mind at any time of the day or night.

Once you’ve seen the image, you can determine if the situation calls for you to notify the police or contact a family member who may be at the house at the time. Since most of these cameras operate with cell phones and use the app technology, this means that you and your other family members could access the app and be on the same page in case of an emergency.

Best Way to Increase Effectiveness of a Doorbell Security Camera

A great way to increase the effectiveness of your doorbell security camera is to include a sensor light at your front door or on the porch. This will usually help to get a better picture of the intruder at night.

And, this has a double effect, because if the light goes on automatically you can scare away an intruder. If you’re doing the wrong thing, you don’t want to be seen. This is true with most intruders. They are more likely to avoid your home and go to another one that doesn’t have any security devices installed.

If you’re able to, get a second doorbell surveillance camera installed to the back door of your home. Your back door is another popular method of breaking and entering for criminals. This is especially true if you have easy access to the back of your property. Once again you may want to include automatic sensor activated lights along the side or back of your house to let you know when someone is there.

Have Your Security Action Plan in Place

Once you have your doorbell security camera in place be sure to think about your plan if there is an intruder. Discuss the plan with your family or anyone else living in your home.

Should the children notify one of the parents? Should they call the police immediately. Have these discussions ahead of time to everyone knows the best plan of action.

This means you get peace of mind from your doorbell security camera even when you’re not at home. You know your family are protected and aware.

Best Bang for Your Buck

Depending on your budget, if you’re looking to get the most value in terms of home security cameras, the doorbell surveillance device is well worth the investment. And it would most likely be utilized by the prosecution in the case of a home invasion. You don’t need lots of security devices, just one wifi doorbell.

Advantages of a Wifi Doorbell Security Camera

A wifi doorbell security camera gives you a simple and effective security device. You can install it anywhere. Battery operated doorbells give you an advantage. You don’t need access to electrical wires.

Your smart phone provides you with the app for viewing images. No one is turning on a screen to see the image in your home. And everyone in the family is able to look at the images from a smart phone. You are all tuned in to what is happening.

When you’re away from home your cell phone is showing you what you need to see. This is comforting and provides convenience. You also see what arrives at your door and when. This means you can get home and secure your delivery.

Your parcels are secure faster. You know who’s at your door when they ring the doorbell and you speak to them immediately. Convenience and peace of mind really are the top advantages here.

Choosing just one security device

If this is your idea of added security from just one device then you really should get one today. You can order online easily. You’ll find many different security devices for your home but not many can do what a wifi doorbell security camera does. This is a great little security device and is a favorite of many people.

Protect your home, even when you aren’t there, through surveillance. And use the images to stay aware of what’s happening at any time of the day or night.

This way you can ease your mind knowing that your property and family are secure at all times. As you play with the app and get used to answering the doorbell while you’re away from home you’ll find it easier. After the first few days it will be second nature and you’ll wish you’d installed a doorbell security camera sooner.


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