Most Comfortable Sofa Bed to Sleep On (They’re Difficult to Find)

Comfortable Sofa Bed to Sleep On and sit or lounge on and looks good in your house

Have you slept at a friend’s house on their sofa bed only to find it was the most uncomfortable night of your life? We’ve all been there. Sofa beds are notorious for hurting your back, give you a pain in the neck and generally reducing any chance of a decent night’s sleep. If you’re looking for a comfortable sofa bed to sleep on, they’re a rare commodity. But they do exist. Here are several styles that actually look good in your home and can also give you a good night’s sleep. Let’s take a look…

We’ll take a look at three different styles of sofa bed. The first one is very much on trend. It’s a mid-century sofa in grey.

⭐  Mid-Century Gray Sofa Bed

This sofa bed is versatile. It offers 3 different levels of recline, including sitting, lounging and sleeping. This is great to have the extra lounging position because you can use it to watch your favorite shows in comfort.

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The tapered wooden legs add style and support to this stylish piece of furniture. The legs include padding under the feet to save your floor from scratches.  And the best part about it is the price. This is a reasonably priced sofa bed (click the link in blue above to check the current price).

This sofa bed provides firm support whether you’re using it for sitting or sleeping. It is not the type of sofa that you sink into. Personally I find this type preferable for my back. You’ll want some extra throw pillows on it for sitting to make it really comfortable.

But if you’re looking for a soft sofa to sit on, then this is not going to be the one for you.

Any extra features on this sofa bed?

Yes. This sofa bed includes a split back. You can have one person sitting while another is reclining because there is a central vertical split that provides versatility.

Is this sofa comfortable to sleep on every night?

Like many sofa beds this one still has a central beam where the back meets the seat. When sleeping it can be felt but it’s not as bad as most. I wouldn’t recommend this for every night sleeping.

If your guest needs to sleep on it for a number of nights they may be able to avoid the central frame altogether or you can add an extra layer of comfort with a topper or something soft like an extra duvet underneath them.

As I said this is more comfortable than most but not perfect.

If you’re looking for a sofa bed to sleep on every night and be comfortable, take a look at the next one…

⭐  Futon Style Sofa Bed with Wooden Flat Frame

This is a true Futon style. It is made from a wooden frame that folds out to be completely flat (to see it unfolded flat, take a look at the pictures here). This means you can get truly comfortable. There is no central beam to stick into you and disturb your sleep.

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Can you sleep on this sofa bed every night?

Yes, you could. This sofa bed is sold as the wooden frame only. This is a great feature because you get to choose the mattress you put on it. You can get a traditional Futon style mattress or another type that folds happily. If you already have a futon mattress you can use that.

This comfortable sofa bed is made in the USA from smooth unfinished Tulip Poplar. The natural finish is chemical-free. This is perfect if you’re looking for a more natural sleeping environment.

Is this good for an apartment or tiny house?

If you live in a smaller space and you want your sofa to double as your bed it’s nice to know that you can choose a comfortable mattress on a bed that unfolds completely flat.

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A good mattress to couple with this sofa bed is the Mozaic Cotton Twill Full Futon Mattress. The sofa bed is a full bed size and so is the mattress.

This mattress is also made in the USA.

The mattress is durable and comfortable. It is specifically designed to be folded into the sofa position when needed yet comfortable to sleep on also.

You can get the mattress in 8 different colors. There are neutrals or bright colors to choose from – something for everyone. Click Here to see all the colors available. The mattress is also completely reversible.

This is a very comfortable mattress. It contains foam in the middle, surrounded by layers of cotton fiber and then encased in durable cotton fabric. It’s 10 inches thick which gives you a lot of comfort above the wooden slats of the bed.

The mattress will arrive rolled and vacuum-sealed to make it fit in the box. The manufacturer says it takes a few days to expand fully but many purchasers have found it to be comfortable straight away. However, you should allow a day or two before you need it to give it a chance to expand completely.

In summary…

By combining the wooden frame Futon style bed with a Futon style mattress, such as the one above, you’ll get the most comfortable sofa bed for sleeping. It is also comfortable for sitting too.

This is a great combination and if you need a sofa bed to sleep on every night then you really should consider getting this bed. Click Here and take a look at some of the reviews if you need any help making up your mind – click here for the bed, and click here to take a look at the mattress.

Now, if you’re looking for a sofa bed that looks good in the den or a living room, the next one will be of interest…

⭐  Memory Foam Comfy Sofa Bed

Best Comfortable Sofa Bed for sleeping on

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This is a stylish sofa which is quite versatile. The side arms can be tilted up at an angle if you want it to look more like a conventional sofa with arm rests. The back is split so you can tilt back half of it at a time, or all of it.

You can put it in 3 different positions: sitting, lounging or sleeping style.

The top is made from memory foam so it’s very comfortable to sit or sleep on.

This sofa bed is a solid piece of furniture, it’s well-built and comfortable. It’s perfect for your guests who decide to stay over.

Is there another fabric?

If you’re not keen about the faux leather it also comes in a suede fabric in black or camel. The quality is good and with so much versatility it’s a great product at a good price.

If you’re looking for a truly comfortable sofa bed to sleep on it can be a difficult journey finding the right product. Just remember that if you’re wanting to sleep on it every night you really should opt for the wooden framed futon sofa bed with a comfortable mattress.

All of these are a reasonable price. None of them are extreme. In fact when you do your research you’ll find that the mid-century sofa (above top) is actually for sale elsewhere at a more expensive price (this is accurate at the time of writing, you can check it, but I can’t imagine it has changed).

With 3 completely different styles to choose from here, you’ll love one of them. Enjoy your new sofa bed.


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