Christmas Dinnerware Sets for the Holiday Season

Are you looking forward to hosting Christmas at your home this year? Want to make it really special? Take a look at some of the stunning Christmas dinnerware sets available, both traditional and modern. Christmas china is a way to bring sophistication to your holiday decor this year.

Christmas means grand parties and celebrations over scrumptious meals. Setting a table is an important part of creating just the right atmosphere for your gathering. Christmas china, whether plain or featuring Christmas scenes, can bring an added layer of sophistication to your holiday table.

Christmas Dinnerware Sets as Part of Your Decor

You can also use Christmas dinnerware as part of your decorations. You simply keep the table set with a nice Christmas tablecloth or runner, crystal wine flutes or goblets and Christmas china.

When it’s time to eat and you’re not going to use the china for the meal, just move it off the table and as soon as the meal is cleared away, then reset it. It takes a bit of extra work but as a result, you have a holiday table that has a completed look.

You’ll find that many magazines often depict pictures of a table already set. Those tables aren’t always just set that way for the photo shoot. They stay like that throughout the day.

Why Use Christmas China?

You probably already know this, but I’ll mention it for completeness. Christmas china isn’t called china because it comes from China, rather it’s a reference to the material made in the dinnerware. China dishes are made of the highest quality porcelain or bone china. This is one of the reasons they are more expensive than everyday use dishes.

Setting a table with china shows the effort the host or hostess went through to make it beautiful for the guests. Having special Christmas dinnerware is a sign of hospitality that you recognized the event was more than ordinary and that the guests were as well.

The holidays are a special event and you don’t want to set the table using the same dishes you use all year long. You want to make everything about your holiday decorations add that sparkle, that ‘something extra’ that’s found in the magic of Christmas. Plain dishes and even run of the mill Christmas dishes won’t suffice. You need Christmas china to complete the ambiance.

Spode Christmas Tree Dinnerware Set

Christmas dinnerware sets Spode

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The Spode Christmas Tree china was specifically designed for the American market and originates from 1938. This traditional Christmas tree design is the oldest holiday pattern in the US today.

This Spode pattern has the appearance of fine bone china with a milk-white backdrop but it is made from durable high-quality porcelain earthenware. This gives it resilience. It is safe for use in microwave, dishwasher, oven and freezer. This is one of the best family-friendly Christmas dinnerware sets.

The advantage of this Spode dinnerware is that you can start with one or two 12-piece sets (setting for 4 people each set) and each year you can add to it. There are Spode wine goblets to match, as well as hiball glasses. You can get soup plates, serving platters, vegetable dishes, casseroles and just about anything else you desire in china dinnerware.

If friends and family know you collect this Spode Christmas dinnerware, you could easily drop a hint about what you’d like to receive as a gift for Christmas or birthday. This is a great way to add to your collection. And it makes it easy for your family to shop for a gift!

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Christmas Holly Dinnerware Set

Christmas dinnerware sets Lenox

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The Lenox Holiday Christmas dinnerware sets show beautiful holly and berry designs with the classic gold rim around the edge of each plate or bowl.

The “Holiday” pattern was introduced in 1974 and has been popular every since. If you own this china from an earlier decade you can buy the modern made  pieces today and they will match.

Just like the Spode mentioned above, you can start with a set of Lenox Holiday dinnerware and grow your collection over the years. There are pasta/soup bowls, large vegetable serving bowls, salt and pepper, gravy boats, oval platters, salad bowls with servers, cake plates and more.

With so much choice it’s hard to know where to start. If you begin with the right number of plates for the friends or family you’ll be hosting you can always add the wine glasses or serving platters later when you grow your china collection.

The Lenox Holiday Christmas dinnerware sets are made from fine bone china with 24 karat gold around the edge. This dinnerware is safe for the dishwasher. You cannot use it in the microwave.

How to care for gold rim china…

Even though it says dishwasher safe, I have never placed any of my china with a real gold edge in the dishwasher. When I did so with one item many years ago it came out less “gold”. The gold edge lost its shine and I found it really disappointing. Now, I’m not saying this will happen with your Lenox dinnerware. But I just don’t take the chance anymore with any of my gold rim china.

With special dinnerware I hand wash it and put everything else in the dishwasher. At least this way I always have room for my saucepans in there!

I actually rather enjoy hand washing my fine china. Because it’s so pretty and I don’t use it all year round, it’s enjoyable and a mindful experience when I wash it. It makes you slow down and appreciate it which can be an advantage in our fast-paced lives these days.

If you wash yours in the dishwasher and you’re happy with the result please feel free to tell me about it in the comments section below!

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More than one Christmas Dinnerware Set?

The best thing about buying China for your Christmas dinnerware is that you don’t have to settle for just one pattern if you see more than one that you like.

You can get multiple settings and simply rotate their use during the holidays.

Major companies are always creating designs for Christmas as well as keeping in stock their traditional Christmas designs. Of course, if you don’t like designs on your Christmas dinnerware, you can still have elegance by choosing one of the many patterns that feature a simple gold or silver circle around the dinnerware.

Enjoy Your Special Dinnerware

There are a few people who will purchase gorgeous sets of Christmas china and then unfortunately won’t use it. They keep it put up out of reach and often out of sight ‘in case’ something happens to it. Do you know someone who is like this with Christmas dinnerware sets?

There’s no beauty in not using things that bring us pleasure. Life is not meant to be lived packed away in a box or in a cabinet. You’ll rob yourself of many priceless memories by not using the best you have in life.

Go ahead and celebrate the holidays with special Christmas china. You’re worth it and so are your friends and family. No matter what holiday dinnerware you pick out, it’ll help to make your holiday one to remember.

And remember, if you choose to start collecting one of the Christmas dinnerware sets with lots of extra available pieces, drop a hint to your friends and family. It will help them to make a quick decision when they’re trying to decide on your gift.

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