It’s terrifying to think that an intruder may break into your home at night when your family is asleep but we all know it can and does happen. It’s so important to plan ahead. If you don’t know how to defend your home, it’s best to start preparing now. Here are the tips you need.

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If you’ve thought about getting home security, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Is home security monitoring worth it?” I know I’ve asked myself this question in the past. But once you do a bit of research the answer becomes crystal clear. It really gets back to assessing one priority and I’ll get to that soon…

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These days there’s no excuse not having home security. Devices can be bought very cheaply and you can increase the number of security gadgets gradually when you can afford them. Gone are the days when you needed to get a consultant to do an assessment of your home  and then install an expensive surveillance system.…

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