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Best Touchless Trash Can

I love cooking but when my hands are covered in flour and holding dripping egg shells the last thing I want to do is touch anything. Even with a step trash can I find that the lid often sticks and I’m standing there with raw egg dripping from my hands while I’m struggling to get the trash can open. There is an easier way. Did you know you can get a touchless trash can with motion sensor and voice activation options. This is a smarter way to deal with trash in your kitchen. Take a look at the best here.

Let’s take a look at the best voice activated touchless trash can. These are amazing. Yes, I know we’re talking about a trash can, but really these are awesome.

Best Voice Activated Touchless Trash Can – SimpleHuman 15.3 Gallon Trash Can

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If you’ve owned a SimpleHuman trash can before, you know they’re high quality. They look good, they stay clean and they last.

If you want a hands free trash can, this one gives you everything you need. It has a motion sensor, it’s voice activated and it has a special stay clean coating.

All you have to do it say the words “open can” and it will open automatically. The voice recognition is very good. It even works when you try funny character voices!

Is this Touchless Trash Can Quiet to Operate?

The motion sensor is located at the front of the can and it responds to movement above and in front of it.

The motor used to open and close the lid is a new and improved motor for SimpleHuman. If you’ve experiences one of their older model motion sensor trash cans, you’ll find this motor operates better and quieter. SimpleHuman claim that their motor functions at 50% quieter than their competitor’s products. It is only 52 dB of sound.

Even if you only want a voice activated trash can, there is an advantage to having the motion sensor as well. The motion sensor makes sure the lid does not accidentally close on you when you’re still placing garbage in the can. It will keep the lid open as long as the sensor is activated by someone in front or above it.

Extra Features of the SimpleHuman Voice Activated Trash Can

This touchless trash can comes with a 5 year warranty.

One of the advantages of this can is that is has a built in liner packet holder. Inside the can at the back it dispenses a new liner. You can get one when you need to replace the liner.

Another feature is that there is no bucket in this trash can. This gives you an extra 25% volume. The liner is placed directly in the trash can and the top rim folds down to cover the edge of the liner. This means you don’t see an ugly plastic trash liner around the top and also the rim helps to hold it in place.

If you need to keep the lid open while you’re preparing food and you want it open for a while you can lift the rim and lid all in one to keep it open. This is a handy feature when you know you need to keep going to it while you’re cooking.

Another great feature is that the trash can is coated with a nano-silver clear coat. This protects the can from fingerprints and germs. This makes it one of the cleanest trash cans available!

Is this SimpleHuman Touchless Trash Can Easy to Clean?

You’ll be amazed by how SimpleHuman thought of everything with this hands free trash can. The inside has rounded edges making it easy to wipe down if you need to.

If you use the trash can liners recommended by SimpleHuman they say they won’t tear or leak. However, if the worst happens, you can wipe the inside of the can easily to clean it.

Which Liners do I Use in the SimpleHuman 15.3 Gallon Trash Can?

The SimpleHuman voice activated touchless trash can comes with a sample 10 pack of liners. The liners are “Code Q“. This is a reference to the size of the bags.

If you like their liners it’s easy to buy more online. On Amazon you can Subscribe and Save to get a discount on your liners and have then delivered on a regular basis.

Of course, you can get them as a one-time purchase as well. See the link here if you need to buy a pack of 60 liners online which provides 3 refill packs (each one goes into the back of the trash can, one pack at a time).

But also, it’s good to know that if you buy a larger box of 240 liners you can save money. The larger box gives you 12 refill packs.

Does the SimpleHuman Voice Activated Trash Can come with a Power Cable?

You can operate this SimpleHuman voice activated trash can on power or batteries.

Yes, it comes with an ac adapter which you can leave plugged in if you don’t want to use batteries.

And if you want to leave batteries in it while you’re using it plugged in then it is easy to keep using in a power outage.

It also gives you convenience if you want to sometimes unplug it to move it to another location which isn’t near a power outlet.

This can come in handy if you know you like to move locations of your trash can to change furniture locations or to move it out of the way for a party.

How many Batteries does the SimpleHuman Voice Activated Trash Can Need?

You’ll need to buy 6 AA batteries for this model. They are not included. The batteries last for a long time in this trash can.

Of course, if you have kids and they want to say “open can” to it 100 times a day for the first week when you get it, you may need to change your batteries sooner in this situation!

What Colors are Available for this Touchless Trash Can?

This hands free trash can comes in 5 different colors. You can choose from the following colors:

  • Rose Gold,
  • Brushed Stainless Steel,
  • Black Stainless Steel,
  • White,
  • Dark Bronze.

And you don’t have to worry about the color of your plastic liner being seen because the rim comes down over it. This means you get a very clean look which is important if your trash can is on display in your kitchen.

Disadvantages of the SimpleHuman Voice Activated Trash Can

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There are some cons but they really depend on how you use it. If you eliminate these external problems then this touch free trash can works exactly as intended.

First,if you place your trash can in a hallway or where people will frequently walk past close to it, then it will likely open unnecessarily. This is just the nature of the motion sensor. If it didn’t happen you wouldn’t have a functioning motion sensor. But it is worth considering. Because if you need to place your trash can in a high traffic area, it may annoy you that the lid keeps opening and closing.

And if you have large dogs, they may also cause the lid to automatically open when they walk past too close to the trash can.

Second, if you place the trash can in an area that is subject to background conversation or a loud television, it may respond to words that are similar to “open can”. Some people have had problems with the television opening the voice activated trash can at random times. One solution is to tape over the microphone on the back of the trash can. This stops it being so sensitive but will usually allow you to still use the voice activation if you say the words loudly.

Alternatively, you can just let it open at hearing random words and have a giggle at what triggered it!

Third, is the weight of the trash can. I’m not sure that this is actually a disadvantage. I see it as an advantage but…if you need to regularly move your trash can around then this can is very heavy. It is not meant to be moved much because there are no handles or anywhere easy to grip it.

Personally, I love that it is a heavy trash can because it is good quality and it stays in one place with no tendency to move. This makes it harder for kids and pets to knock over. However, if the weight of it is an issue for you, please take it into consideration.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a hands free trash can, you really should consider a trash can with motion sensor and voice activation. The combination gives you convenience and makes practical sense.  See more details on the SimpleHuman Can here.


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