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When I was suffering from insomnia I would have done anything to get a good night’s sleep. It is a debilitating condition which affects every day of your life. Most people underestimate the value of sleep. But once you can’t get enough, you know how important sleep is. Sleep headphones are one of the best ways to switch off from all the other thoughts in your head and get to sleep. And if your partner snores, they are better than earplugs. If you get a sleep mask with the headphones included within the mask then you get both darkness and a way to lull yourself to sleep – just brilliant! They’re great for travel too.

Sleep Headphones with Eye Mask
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Before you launch into buying a set of sleep headphones you need to see all the different types available.

In the past you had to try and find headphones or earbuds that were comfortable enough to sleep in. Not these days.

There are special headbands with headphones included or your can get a sleep mask with headphones within it.

There are also headbands that double as a sleep mask so you get the versatility if you want to use them for daytime use or for travel.

You can choose sleep headphones with a cord or without.

You may prefer Bluetooth connection so you can go wireless.

The technology included in sleep headphones these days is advanced, so you can have the battery charged to last all night.

And if you don’t want music or white noise playing all night then you can set the music to turn off at the end of your sleep music.

Let’s take a look at some of the best sleep headphones in each category…

Best Wired Headphones for Sleeping

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If you’re looking for a good quality wired set of headphones for sleeping, this sleep mask is what you’re looking for. It is a comfortable sleep mask with the headphones built-in.

This mask blocks out light completely. The headphones can be adjusted as needed. They include flat headphone pieces inside the sleep mask making them comfortable for sleeping on your side.

The earphone cord is 4.92 ft long. And you get a volume adjuster on the cord itself for convenience. The cord includes a 3.5mm headphone jack to use with your smart phone.

The sleep mask is lightweight and much cooler than many sleep masks. It is comfortable to sleep in all night. It is adjustable at the back to suit any size head.

The earphones can be removed so you can wash the sleep mask.

Best Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

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Bluetooth technology is wonderful when it can improve your lifestyle. By combining a sleep mask with Bluetooth headphones you get this amazing product to help you get more sleep and feel better day-to-day.

So many people suffer from a partner who snores or outside noises like a barking dog. If you’re sick of listening to unpleasant noises instead of sleeping then you’ll love these wireless sleep headphones. By using Bluetooth connectivity you’re free to move from side to side as much as you want when you’re sleeping. You won’t get tangled. And these sleep headphones are comfortable for sleeping on your side.

This sleep mask blocks all lights and the earphones are adjustable. You can move the earphones to a more suitable position near your ears. A strap at the back lets you adjust the size of the sleep mask too.

The Bluetooth controls are included on the sleep mask itself. The headphones are located on both sides (for both ears) but the controls are on one side only. The controls make it easy to pair with your smart device.

The battery takes about 2 hours to charge and you get approximately 8 hours play time from it. This is plenty of power for the night.

By using Bluetooth technology you don’t need to worry about headphone jack size or cable compatibility with your phone. As long as your phone is compatible with Bluetooth 4.2 technology you’re good to go.

You can remove the Bluetooth module and the earphones to wash the sleep mask.

These are very comfortable sleep earphones.

Best Sleep Headphones for Travel

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These headphones for sleep are contained in a headband that can also be pulled down over your eyes as a sleep mask. This is why it’s ideal for travel. If you’re sitting for a long time you can choose whether you want to look at the view while listening to music or cover your eyes and have a good sleep.

Travel headphones for sleep need to be versatile and these are (click here to see more details). The headband is comfortable and stylish to wear on airplanes, trains, buses or in the car.

You can lean the side of your head against an airplane seat and still be comfortable because the headphones are flat.

This are wired type of headphones. They include a jack to fit your smart phone (check here whether your phone is compatible).

The headband is washable by removing the headphones. This is great if you want to use it daily.

Just a word of warning, it is not a very cool headband. However, this is usually not a problem when travelling. I usually find myself cold on airplanes. And on long distance buses and trains I usually find the same. The air-conditioning is usually doing a great job and this type of headband is not too hot. In fact, I find this type of headband is comforting and soft which helps me relax. The headband is made from polar fleece.

If you’re looking for the best travel sleep headphones they also need to be easy to pack. This type of headband is soft and flexible and easy to pack in your hand bag or pocket.

Best Headphones for Taking a Daytime Nap

Sleep Headphones for Nap or Travel

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This stylish animal print headband is perfect for a daytime nap. It includes Bluetooth connected earphones to play soothing music or white noise.

The reason it is the best sleep headphones headband for daytime naps is because you can also take calls from your smart phone using the Bluetooth controls. Obviously this wouldn’t be wise when you’re trying to sleep at night. But during the day many people need to keep taking calls. This way you don’t miss a thing.

And when you’re not using it for a nap, you can wear it to listen to music while you’re doing yoga, pilates, exercising or relaxing.

The headband is functional and stylish. And the flat earphones within the headband are comfortable to wear. The band comes in a choice of two colors.

You need to charge it for approximately 2 hours and the play duration is around 6-8 hours.

This sleep headband includes Bluetooth controls on the band itself for convenience.

Best Headphones for Meditation

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When you’re first learning how to meditation it can be helpful to use an app on your phone. This is how I started. I found meditation really hard at the start. I wasn’t sure that I was achieving anything. It was hard to do nothing and feel like I was doing it correctly. By using an app it really helped.

If you can find you own space in your home to play an app out loud then it’s easy to use. However, if you have other people in your home you may want to use headphones. Sure, you can use any headphones but by using comfortable headphones in a headband (click here to see more details), it really increases the comfort level while you’re meditating.

And if you want to use a meditation app in your workplace you’ll really need some sort of headphones so you don’t disturb co-workers.

When you’re learning to meditate your really want as much comfort and help as you can get. By using the headband with earphones you get to use a meditation app with a headband that is so comfortable you can sleep with it. In fact you can buy it for meditation but use it for going to sleep as well.

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