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We’ve taken a look at the best essential oil diffuser in each category. Don’t get trapped buying a pretty diffuser if it doesn’t offer the functionality you need. Whether you’re looking for a diffuser for yourself or as a gift, you can find what you want here with all the details on each. 

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Best Essential Oil Diffuser

Whether you want a modern wifi diffuser or something very natural like a reed diffuser you’ll find the best here. Let’s take a look.

1. Best Smart Diffuser – RENPHO Wifi Diffuser

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This 300ml (0.32 Quarts) RENPHO diffuser is the best smart diffuser if you want to operate it from Alexa or from your smartphone. Warning: this model will not work with Google Home (if you want connectivity with Google Home take a look at this smart diffuser here).

With the RENPHO Smart Diffuser you remotely adjust mist output volume, set the on/off schedule, and adjust the 7-color LED mood lighting to your preference. You can set the timer to run this smart diffuser for 1, 3 or 6 hours.

Love using voice commands? Connect the RENPHO to your Alexa. If you don’t want to use it with Alexa, you can control it from your smartphone using the RENPHO mobile app. And the app is free for iOS and Android.

It’s easy to use and gives you the convenience of controlling your wifi diffuser from anywhere you have wifi access. You can turn it on while you’re on your way home so you’re greeted by a beautifully scented and calm home.

This RENPHO model is the best smart diffuser form anyone who wants the convenience of a wifi connected diffuser. And it looks good with any decor.

You get continuous use for 6 to 8 hours. This is a result of the large 300ml water capacity. Additionally, you can use it as a cool mist humidifier. Or add your favorite essential oils for aromatherapy.

2. Best Nebulizing Diffuser – Aromis Glass Nebulizer

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If you’re looking for the best nebulizing diffuser for your essential oils then you’ll love this one from Aromis (click here to see all 12 styles and colors). The glass and wood looks stunning and will become part of your decor in the living room or bedroom.

Obviously with no need for water, you can’t use this as a humidifier. You place the pure essential oil in the glass vessel and your room fills with a pure scent. There are no dilution issues to deal with. What you smell in the essential oil bottle is the same as what you smell in your room.

This glass nebulizer includes an automatic 4 hour timer to switch the diffuser off.

If you want to fill a 30′ x 30′ space this aromatherapy nebulizer is perfect. Some people have found it works in an even larger space.

This is the best nebulizing diffuser for a gift because each of the 12 designs and colors is so elegant and beautiful. This makes a unique gift for anyone who loves using essential oils but doesn’t have a glass nebulizer yet.

3. Best Ultrasonic Diffuser 

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It’s difficult to choose the best ultrasonic diffuser because there are so many good ones. It often depends on what size water tank you’re looking for. And you may want to match your decor.

These three ultrasonic diffusers (shown above) offers great features and look stunning in your home, office, yoga studio or any other room.

ASAKUKI Aromatherpy Diffuser

This ASAKUKI aromatherapy diffuser offers a large tank. You get 700 ml (0.74 quarts) capacity.

If you need to run a diffuser for a long time, this one can be used for a whole day and night for at least 20 hours.

You can use it as a vaporizer humidifier. With 7 different LED light colors you get lots of choice to set the mood in your room. And there’s an auto-off function to stop the ultrasonic diffuser from overheating if it runs out of water.

This is a high quality ultrasonic diffuser at a reasonable price. It is made from the same eco-friendly PP materials that baby bottles are made from. This is the best ultrasonic diffuser for anyone who likes to let it run all night. You can use it as a humidifier during the day or night and not have to worry about running out of water.

And if you’re looking for the perfect gift, this looks great with most decor.

OliveTech Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

If you prefer a darker look to your decor, take a look at the OliveTech Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser. This is another high quality ultrasonic diffuser. You’ll get 7 LED color light choices.

This diffuser offers a 400 ml (0.42 quarts) capacity. You can run it continuously for 8 hours in strong mist mode or 12 hours in weak mist mode. There’s also an auto shut-off feature if you run out of water.

The reservoir that holds your water is BPA-free. It is food grade PP material similar to that used for baby bottles.

There aren’t as many diffusers in the darker color so this may be the best ultrasonic diffuser if you need to match darker decor. It looks stunning on a table or shelf and you can choose the lighting color to complement it.

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

This URPOWER model is a smaller size diffuser. It holds 100 ml (0.12 quarts) capacity. You’ll get about 6 hours use at the maximum water level.

It is very popular with people you want to place a diffuser in their bedroom. If you already have a larger diffuser in the living room but you want to use a different essential oil in the bedroom, this is perfect.

This is also a perfect size for an office.

This ultrasonic diffuser comes with 7 LED light colors as well as both bright and dim light settings. If you want another color, other than those 7, you can leave the diffuser on the light transition mode where it fades from one color to the next. As it fades and you see a color you like, you can click the button again to keep it on that color. That way, you can get the color you want.

It includes an auto shut-off feature for safety. The upper parts of this ultrasonic diffuser are made from high quality PP material.

You can use the URPOWER Diffuser as a humidifier by simply adding the water without oils. This is the best ultrasonic diffuser for its size because it is handy as a smaller size humidifier if you’re trying to fit it on a nightstand or on the corner of your desk.

This ultrasonic diffuser has two operating modes. You can keep it on the continuous mode or use the intermittent mode where it emits the mist for about 30 seconds and then waits about the same time before misting for another 30 seconds.

4. Best Car Essential Oil Diffuser

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Take a look at this amazing essential oil diffuser that is wireless and rechargeable with a lithium ion battery. It fits in a cup holder in your car but you can really take it anywhere.

It’s not just for the car.

The Mobile-Mini from Organic Aromas can be taken with you to yoga, to work, wherever you need it.

This diffuser is actually a nebulizer. It contains a hand-blown specialty glass reservoir for effectiveness and efficiency. No water is required. You get pure aroma from your pure essential oils. It uses no heat, no water and no plastic.

The exterior is a high quality anodized aluminum body with the glass reservoir protected inside.

This is a great purchase for yourself but it also makes the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys their essential oils.

5. Best Reed Diffuser

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If you’re looking for the best reed diffuser then think about buying the diffuser bottle and reeds separately. You can then purchase whatever oils you like to make your own reed diffuser.

The diffuser bottles shown in the picture above are 4″ in height. They come in a set of four. The reeds shown in black above are 12″ long (see the other colors available in these diffuser reeds here).

By placing the long black reeds in the glass bottles you get an elegant piece of decor. And you’re using high quality bottles and reeds for your room scents. You can try other color reeds too. This way you’ll get a different appearance for each room.

Try placing your glass diffuser bottle with the black reeds next to a black photo frame on a console table. Alternatively, place the diffuser bottle with a bright color reed on the same shelf as a vase with the matching bright color.

Always be sure to purchase good quality reeds. If the reed does not carry the oil up the reed, it won’t be dispersed into your room adequately. Low quality reeds do not draw the scent up and out, to diffuse it.

6. Best Personal Diffuser – SpaRoom Simplifier Diffuser

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If you’re looking for the best personal diffuser, this SpaRoom Simplifier ticks a lot of boxes.

It’s a portable fan diffuser which operates without using water. The portable personal diffuser comes with scent pads where you place a few drops of your essential oil.

The pads it comes with will last quite a long time. But of course if you want to change oils a lot then you may want to buy extra pads for the Simplifier (click here to see extra pads you can buy separately from the diffuser).

This is the best personal diffuser for either the office or for traveling because you can choose to plug it in to USB to power it or run it on batteries. The battery option is a huge advantage. You can take it anywhere. This is a great idea for someone who has an RV.

If you want to use a diffuser in your bedroom but you don’t have a power outlet near your bed, this is the best personal diffuser because you can use batteries.

And if you want to use rechargeable batteries, this is the one I use because it only takes 3-5 hours (but some others take over 10 hours to charge).

7. Best Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

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This beautiful filigree essential oil diffuser necklace lets you keep your favorite aromatherapy oil close to you. It also looks elegant. This design is hard to find. Many diffuser necklaces have a flatter design with less detail on the front of the pendant. It is available in 3 different colors (see here for the different colors in either silver or bronze)

This fine filigree pendant lets you smell your essential oils whenever you want as well as looking good. It comes with at least 4 scent pads that go inside the pendant. You can place your favorite essential oil on the pad. They are washable or you can buy extra ones separately when you need them.

The pendant comes with the chain shown. It’s 30 inches long. This looks fashionable and it gives you enough length to be able to lift the pendant closer to your nose if you want to get a more intense smell of your essential oil.

This is the best essential oil diffuser necklace to give as a gift because it is so beautiful and it’s appropriate for any age. It also has the advantage of coming with a long chain. This is a beautiful piece of jewelry that doesn’t cost too much (see the current price here).

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