Best Bathtub Tray to Help You Relax at the End of a Busy Day

Best Bathtub Tray to help you relax and keep your bathroom looking good

If you’re like me, the best way to relax at the end of a busy day is in a warm, comfortable bath. With the best bathtub tray you get the ideal mix of luxury and convenience. The tray is a place to hold your glass of wine, set up your tablet or book, and arrange all your bath products. I love how practical these are. I also love the luxury they add to the bathroom. When I’m not using mine I leave folded towels on it along with pretty bath items like soaps and a scented candle. It really makes my bathroom look stylish.

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If you’ve never tried a bath tray before you’re in for a treat. These are so good. You’ll wonder why you never got one sooner. Personally, I love the bamboo trays. They look great and the bamboo has so many advantages. But there are plenty of other types to try, like stainless steel, acrylic or other types of wood.

It all depends on the decor in your bathroom. You can choose a bathtub caddy tray by color, style, material, size or function. And there are lots to choose from.

If you have a modern bath you may want to try a clear acrylic tray. They look great and they’re easy to use because they don’t have specific holder places for each item. Whereas a bamboo style will usually have lots of different holders for each item including a drink holder, a table or phone holder and more.

Why should I get a bath tray?

An over bath tray is essential for anyone who loves to take a soak in the bath. You can set up your book or tablet with your favorite shows on it and easily keep a small towel on the tray to dry your hands and enjoy a snack. The perfect evening awaits. You might need to top up the hot water because you’re going to be in there a while!

And if you like to use bath scrubs and other products in the bath it gets really difficult to store them along the side of the bath. I never have enough space along the side. With an over bath tray you can easily get set up with everything you need within your reach. I also like to keep some luxury lip balm on my tray for time in the bath.

Bamboo Bath Tray

Okay, so I already mentioned that my favorite type is the bamboo bath tray. I love the luxury look of these. Adding one of these beauties is like turning your bathroom into an instant spa. Personally, I like to color co-ordinate my towels with my bath products. At the moment I’m doing a tangerine color theme in my bathroom decor.

I’m using a tangerine bathroom accent rug, tangerine thick luxury towels and lots of citrus scented bath products along with an orange vanilla scented candle which smells divine.

Oftentimes I use soft pink decor in my bathroom.

My tiles are grey and white so I love to change my decor by simply changing a few items and the towels each time I want to give my bathroom a face lift.

The one item that is essential to any color of bathroom decor is a an over bath tray.

You simply must find the best bathtub tray that suits you to really make a difference to your decor.

A bamboo bath tray gives your decor an instant luxury-look that is hard to achieve otherwise.

Can I afford a bamboo bath tray?

They are so affordable. It’s crazy how easy it is to add style to your bathroom for so little money. Like I mentioned above, these bath tub trays make your room look like a spa. I remember seeing one of these over bath trays in a movie and it looked so good. Until I bought one I didn’t realize how affordable they are.

If you need to suggest ideas for Christmas, birthday or Valentines, why not drop a hint to your loved one about wanting a bathtub tray as a gift? And then you’ll get something that you really want and you’ll keep enjoying for a long time.

Wooden Bath Tray

If you’re not a fan of the bamboo color there are other bathroom trays to consider. You may want a mahogany or teak bath tray. All of the wood colors are attractive across a bath and they usually complement the decor of most bathrooms.

Obviously it’s a matter of personal preference when it comes to which wooden bath tray you like. There are plenty to choose from.

Best bathtub tray wooden

The wooden bathtub tray shown above is not expandable but it’s available in 3 different lengths. Click the Image to see more details including the price.

Expandable bathtub trays

An expandable bath tray is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a standard size tub. If you know you’re likely to have problems trying to fit a tray across your tub it’s best to start with an expandable style.

The expandable style is available in wooden, bamboo, stainless steel and plastic varieties. You can also find a range of colors along with the different materials and styles. Expandable styles still look like a luxury bath tray.

Of course it’s best to check the width of your bathtub first by measuring the actual dimensions before purchasing a tray. However most expandable type of trays will fit the majority of tubs.

Personally I prefer the bamboo expandable bathtub tray. These trays are durable as well as practical. Some people much prefer the stainless steel expandable style because it suits their bathroom decor better (see these further below).

Acrylic bathtub tray

If you have an ultra modern bathroom with white decor you may prefer an acrylic style tray.

These acrylic over-bath trays are usually not expandable. However they are very practical, easy to use, easy to clean and look great in a modern style of bathroom.

The acrylic style of tray usually doesn’t have separate placeholders for different items. It is more like a bath table tray. For a lot of people this may be a problem. If you know you love your glass of wine in the bath you may want to make it a priority to get a glass holder on your tray. But don’t let this put you off buying an acrylic over-the-tub tray.

Are acrylic trays convenient?

When I first tried an acrylic tray I thought it would be inferior to my bamboo bathtub caddy tray. It wasn’t inferior, it was just different. In fact, the acrylic tray held a drink nicely, it allowed me to place all my bath products on it without sliding around, and it sat on the edge of my bath perfectly.

You may think you’ll miss having holders for individual items by buying an acrylic bath table tray. I would recommend that if you have a modern style bathroom and you think that the acrylic style will suit it, you should definitely buy one of these. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Of course my favorite is still the bamboo bathtub tray but I certainly wouldn’t go past an acrylic style tray for my bathroom decor. The modern acrylic bath table tray style definitely has advantages. It is easy to clean, and it’s still very practical.

One of the disadvantages of this style of tray is that they usually don’t come with a holder space for your tablet or a book or even your smartphone. I don’t find this a problem because if I’m using my tablet I can prop it up on its little stand and it still stays upright.

If you want to use a book on your bathtub tray that’s going to be difficult on an acrylic style of tray unless you include a book holder sitting on top of it. You’d need to use one that is very stable in a narrow space. If you have one that is thin and stylish it would be easy to use on the acrylic bath tray since things usually don’t slide around on it anyway.

Stainless steel bathtub tray

If you like the idea of stainless steel to match your bathroom decor then a stainless steel bathtub tray is ideal. These luxury bath trays are designed not to rust and to sit securely over the edge of your tub.

Some of the stainless steel bathtub trays are expandable, but not all. It’s important to measure the width of your bathtub before purchasing.

If you love the idea of stainless steel and you like the wood appearance of a bathtub tray you can also buy a mixed material tray that consists of both.

These mixed material bath caddy trays look great and they suit most bathroom decors.

Just be sure to check weather you are buying an expandable style or not.

The bamboo and stainless steel bath trays give you that modern touch and yet you get all the advantages of separate compartments on the bamboo tray for your drink, your tablet, bath products and anything else you need in the bath.

Different color trays

If your bathroom decor is a specific color you may want to try and match this with the bathtub caddy tray. The most popular colors for over bath trays are white, gray, black, red and transparent.

Of course if you’re looking at wooden trays the colors range from a pale honey bamboo color right through to teak and dark mahogany colors.

In addition to stainless steel there are also chrome-plated over the bath tub trays.

Best bathtub tray as a gift

If you’re trying to decide on the best bathtub tray to give as a gift you may want to consider the color.

For Valentine’s Day the perfect bathtub tray may be in the color red.

Of course if you are putting it in a bathroom that already has a distinct color theme it’s probably going to be important that you match it to that.

If you’re giving the train as a gift, some of the most popular colors are the wooden or bamboo color and also the white trays.

These color of bath caddy trays match a lot of bathroom decors and usually provide a very stylish addition to the bathroom.

Two Person Bath Trays

If you’re looking for a bathtub tray for two people, there are plenty to choose from. Most of these trays offer two places for drinks.

Some of the bathtub caddy trays in this style promote the tray for either one or two persons. They do this by offering a space on the tray which can be used for a second drink or if it’s only for one person can be used as a candle holder instead.

This gives you enough choice to feel happy about getting it, even if you only occasionally need it for two people.

If you have a really enormous bath you could also consider buying two separate bathtub trays. Otherwise you might be compromising on the features you want for two people on one tray. You rarely get space for two tablets on a tray so this is something to consider.


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